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Repetita iuvant , o mica sarà che pure un pò annoiano ? Fatto sta che questa storia speciale di Lo il mostro / Lo this monster uscita qualche anno addietro sull’ effimero Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine (in italia sui nn. 59 e 60 di questa serie) a Gerry Conway gli doveva essere piaciuta un sacco (la tesi B sostiene invece che fosse un pò a corto di idee) tanto che decide di mettersi di buona lena e riadattarne pretestuosamente i dialoghi per riproporla lievissimamente riveduta (e corretta?) occupando ben 3 numeri della serie regolare , questo è il secondo, quindi ahimè rassegnatevi perchè dopo questo ne manca ancora un altro


inoltre all’ interno : dopo le ripetute apparizioni nelle storie di Spider-Man e qualche comparsata occasionale su Vampire Tales , comincia la prima saga autonoma ed autosufficiente (fatta eccezione per gli approvigionamenti ematici, per i quali deve per forza di cose ricorrere al libero mercato degli sventurati passanti ignari) di  MORBIUS 
(il vampiro vivente che secondo le recenti scoperte di alcune correnti scientifiche di studiosi di storia delle corbellerie e delle scemenze è vissuto veramente)


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • New York City
    • Doctor Octavius’ Residence
    • Peter and Harry’s Apartment



Peter Parker manages to stop the roof collapsing at a charity
fundraiser for Richard Raleigh, and manages to slip away before anyone
can learn Spider-Man’s true identity. Following the event, Raleigh plays
up his tough on crime stance and vows to catch whoever was responsible.
The responsible party appears to be a costumed criminal called the
Disruptor who has hired a scientist named Dr. Thraxton to create the
Smasher to do his bidding, he orders to make the Smasher more powerful.

As Joe Robertson continues to have his doubts about Raleigh, he
tells J. Jonah Jameson that he intends to do a more intensive background
search on the man (Jameson finds this a needless concern.) While
elsewhere in the city, crooks try to rob a fundraiser for Raleigh, Peter
arrives as Spider-Man and prevents the crooks from stealing the money.
He then returns home and checks in on his Aunt May, before meeting up
with Gwen and Mary Jane at a youth rally for Raleigh.

There the Disruptor and his men attack directly, prompting Peter
to duck out and change into Spider-Man and battle the Disruptor and send
him packing. Later J. Jonah Jameson visits with Raleigh and tells him
that Joe Robertson is looking into his background. Word gets back to the
Disruptor, who has the newly enhanced Smasher revived and orders the
creature to destroy Joe Robertson.


  • This issue adapts the page 20-34 of Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1 (in Italy in URC #59-60).
    The story was heavily re-drawn and edited to fit the continuity of the
    time. However, as Richard Raleigh had been seen dead as well in Daredevil #42, it remains unclear which of the two versions are to be considered in continuity. Notable changes are:

    • In the original story, after the roof collapse at the dance
      hall, Peter returns to the scene and goes home with Mary Jane and Gwen
      and the scene cuts to Richard Raleigh in his mansion. In this version,
      there is a scene where Raleigh fields question from reporter Geraldo
      Riveria. The appearance of Geraldo in this scene should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
    • The scenes of Raleigh follows up with Dr. Thraxon on their
      agent, the Smasher, he is disguised as the Disruptor. In the original
      story, Raleigh did not assume the disguise of the Disruptor and the
      Smasher was called the Man-Monster.
    • In the original story, there is a scene where Peter goes to
      class with Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. In this version, that scene is
    • Alternatively, the scene of J. Jonah Jameson at a gentlemen’s
      club talking about the election has been altered. In the original story,
      Jameson and Joe Robertson are talking to George Stacy. Since George
      died in Amazing Spider-Man #90 (in Italy in URC #91), he is replaced with Norman Osborn.
    • In the original version of this story, after Spider-Man stops a
      holdup, he visits his Aunt May and Anna Watson and leaves on his
      motorcycle. This scene has been replaced for a few reasons. First,
      instead of visiting Aunt May, Peter calls her as she is staying at a
      mansion owned by Doctor Octopus in Amazing Spider-Man #115 (in Italy in URC #116). Peter did have a motorcycle which he purchased in Amazing Spider-Man #41 (in Italy in URC #34), however, he was forced to sell it in Amazing Spider-Man #66 (in Italy in URC #66).
    • Likewise, the scene where George Stacy tries to warn J. Jonah
      Jameson about Raleigh’s shady past is excised from this story. In its
      place is a story where Peter and his friends attend a Raleigh event and
      prevent the Disruptor from crashing it. Instead of Stacy looking into
      Raleigh’s past, it is Joe Robertson.
    • Lastly, the scene where Thraxton re-powers the Smasher so
      Raleigh can send him on a rampage. In this version, Raleigh is disguised
      as the Disruptor and instead of a rampage, he orders him to destroy Joe

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Dreams of Morbius’s History:


  • Los Angeles


Morbius stalks the streets of Los Angeles on an unusually warm autumn
night. Coming upon a young woman leaving a party, Morbius reaches out
to seize her. 

She screams out that he is a vampire and Morbius drinks
from her, leaving her in a dire condition. 

However, hearing her say
“vampire” has reminded him of his curse to be a vampire and drives him
to madness.

Morbius finds a room to rest for the night and dreams about his previous encounters with heroes who tried to stop him.

In the morning, a rabbi, Krause, and his reverend colleague enter
the building Morbius had taken refuge in and are surprised to see him.
Morbius’ bloodlust returns and he is ready to strike the men, but their
lack of fear calms Morbius.

Morbius introduces himself to the men and the two men begin a
barrage of tests on Morbius to uncover the secrets to his condition.
They are unsuccessful and after a long day, Morbius’ thirst for blood
returns in full force.

He attacks the men and tries to strangle Krause, but suddenly
Krause’s colleague, Daemond, uses occult rituals to bring Morbius under
his control.

Rabbi Krause is surprised at his friend, Reverend Daemond and
wonders how such rituals could cure Morbius. Daemond reveals that he is
only interested in controlling Morbius. Now that he has done it, Daemond
has no need of Krause. Daemond commands Morbius to attack Krause.
Morbius attacks as commanded and drains Krause of blood, killing him.

The feast, however, has returned Morbius to his senses and, angry that he had been used, Morbius tries to attack Daemond.

However, Morbius is once again taken under control. Daemond
states that there is someone who is obstructing him from carrying out
his plans for world domination, but he does not say who, only where this
person can be found.

Morbius flies off to find this obtacle to Daemond and comes upon a limosine, which contains his target.

Morbius quickly dispatches the driver and opens the limo’s back door to find the target he is to kill.

However, Morbius is stunned to find that Daemond’s target is merely an innocent-looking little girl!

Fear Vol 1 21

Morbius stands frozen in front of the child, unable to bring himself
to harm her. Through sheer willpower, he breaks out of Daemond’s control
and walks away. Yet, his thirst is so great, he cannot stand it any
longer. He reluctantly gives in to his desire for blood and goes back to
the limo to feed on the girl, Tara.

Suddenly Tara shoots beams from her eyes, sending Morbius flying

She reveals that she has powers and can control things with her
mind. She shows Morbius a vision of what she will grow up to be one day,
a powerful huntress.

Thinking she is merely an illusion, Morbius attacks, only to be
struck by the woman’s whip. He breaks past her defenses and feeds on her
blood, only to realize that feeding on her also harms the young psychic
Tara. As Tara falls into unconsciousness, the manifestation of adult
Tara vanishes in a billow of mist. 

Continued to next issue…


An orphan boy is visited by a stranger who leaves him a train set.
When the boy shrinks to actually be able to board the train, he thinks
that he is dreaming, but when his cruel uncle wakes him, he finds the
train is still there. When the uncle threatens to smash the train, the
boy shrinks once again and pilots the train into the uncle, killing him.

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