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Anche in questo numero la storia principale (tratta da MARVEL TEAM-UP # 2 del 05/72) vede SPIDERMAN affiancato dal suo compagno di barbecue Johnny Storm alias LA TORCIA UMANA

contiene inoltre :    HULK  che oltre ad avere già i suoi gravi problemi personali per il fatto di essere un mostro e per giunta pure verde,adesso  si schiera anche dalla parte dei reietti e sfigatissimi INUMANI, a questo punto per essere completamente discriminato e ghettizzato ci manca solo che voti Civati e che tifi per la Spal


Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Nathan – A sailor




Dealing with his ended romance with Crystal, the Human Torch takes the
sage advice of a drunkard dock worker and tries to seek solace from his
friends. However, when he tries to get Spider-Man to cheer him up, it is
met with a less than warm reception.

Meanwhile, the Wizard, Sandman, and Trapster have reunited and have
begun looking for a new member to induct into the Frightful Four to get
revenge on the Fantastic Four. Seeing Spider-Man swing by, the Wizard
and his cohorts attack and put Spider-Man under a trance.

Using Spider-Man as a means to get the Torch’s guard down, the
Frightful Four knock out the Torch and take control of the Baxter
Building. Examining Reed Richard’s devices, the Wizard accidentally
opens the Negative Zone portal in such a way that it empowers Annihilus
with more energy. Annihilus then seeks to break free into the positive
matter universe to take it over, with only the Wizard trying to keep the
creature at bay.

The Torch breaks free, and snaps Spider-Man out of his trance,
the two then defeat the Frightful Four and stop the Negative Zone
machine, shunting Annihilus back to the Negative Zone. After, Spider-Man
thanks the Torch for freeing him and leaves Johnny to call the police
to collect the Frightful Four.

Continuity Notes

  • The Human Torch is still getting over the abrupt end to his
    relationship with Crystal. She was forced to return to Attilan due to
    the harmful effects of pollution in the outside world. That happened in Fantastic Four #105 (in Italy in F4C # 103).
  • The besotted Nathaniel the Sailor, who gives sage advice to Johnny Storm this issue, appears next in Marvel Team-Up #13 (in Italy in URC # 142) where he next opines to Peter Parker.
  • The Frightful Four are looking for a fourth member since the
    departure of Medusa. Medusa last worked (and betrayed) the team in Fantastic Four #94 (in Italy in F4C # 96). They have been looking for a replacement member since.

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Maximus’ robot


The military has initiated an air drop on the island of Costa
Salvador, which has been taken over by the mad Inhuman exiled Maximus.
However, they do not expect that the Hulk is on the island, or that
Maximus has convinced the Jade Giant in protecting them from the
invaders. The Hulk attacks the army sending them on the defencive. When
the ground forces fail to stop the Hulk, aboard a command ship, General
Ross demands that they drop an air-strike on the Hulk with new
experimental missiles. In spite of Betty’s protests, the order is
complied with and an air strike attempts to bombard the Hulk with bombs.
However, when they fire the missiles the Hulk slams his fist into the
ground causing enough vibration to cause the missiles to fly off course
and land wildly, sending the military in retreat.

Watching this, the evil Inhumans argue over what to do with the
Hulk after he has defeated the military, thinking that once the monster
is done with the army that he will turn his aggression toward them. This
causes the evil Inhumans to come to blows, however Maximus manages to
calm them down, and still able to convince the Hulk to do his bidding,
Maximus orders the monster to destroy the command ship. Unaware that
Betty is aboard, the Hulk complies with the command, however all aboard
the ship manage to parachute to safety.

When Maximus tells Ross, Betty, and Glen Talbot that he intends
to kill them the Hulk intervenes and tries to stop Maximus. Furious over
the Hulk’s concern for these humans, Maximus sets his giant mind
controlling robot against the Hulk. In a pitched battle, the Hulk
manages to destroy the robot, by throwing the entire castle on it. With
the robots destruction, the Inhumans decide to flee, making their escape
through a secret tunnel.

When the military regroups, they surround the Hulk and when Betty
protests the killing of the Hulk, General Ross explains to her that
they are only capturing the Hulk so that they might examine him. Hearing
this angers the Hulk, but before either the Hulk or the military can
make a move, Maximus and the Inhumans blast out of the ground in an
escape ship that flies off into the sky.

In all the confusion, the Hulk manages to make his escape,
jumping away from the military before they can capture him, with General
Ross swearing after the Hulk that he will eventually capture the

  • This issue is written by both Hulk co-creator Stan Lee and Roy Thomas. Lee will cede the writing chores to Thomas after this issue, but will remain as the series’ editor for some time. 


A man is bitter because he has been replaced by a computer and must
take a job servicing it. It is ensconced in an air-tight clean room with
a door that is opened after fifteen minutes allotted for servicing
purposes. When the man enters the room, he gets the idea to sabotage the
machine so that it will make mistakes and he can get his old job back,
but he damages the circuits that allow the machine to open the door
after the fifteen minutes of oxygen are used up. 

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