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CONAN E KAZAR corno 19 IL DEMONE TRA LE FIAMME kull conqueror red sonja thongor


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Nella storia principale l’ indocile ed incivile Conan è sempre intento a galoppare con la spregiudicatissima RED SONJA a cui piace tanto il suo vigoroso e barbaro spadone

A dispetto invece dell’ ingannevole nome della testata, anche in questo numero non c’è KA-ZAR che è andato in prigione senza passare dal via e vi resterà a tempo indeterminato e fino a prova contraria (ossia nel n.33, quando uscirà la solita amnistia), al suo posto troviamo invece il precursore ancestrale di Conan scaracchiato pure lui dalla magica e tisica penna di Robert E. Howard, ossia il brutale e manesco RE KULL di Valusia per gli amici IL CONQUISTATORE, condottiero barbaro di Atlantide sempre a ramengo, per la goia di tutti i suoi fans e pure i denigratori dcl biondo scimmione selvaggio e primitivo possono pertanto esultare all’ unisono così : “Che Kul !”

contiene inoltre : THONGOR guerriero della perduta Lemuria


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Uathacht
  • Morophla
  • Dromek  (flashback)

Other Characters:

  • The Afterlings


  • Valley with a tower


Sonja and Conan plot their escape from the vampiric siblings Uathacht
and Morophia, but Morophia intervenes and takes Conan to the breeding
pits, where he is forced to mate with the generations-inbred, pitiful,
deformed females who provide sustenance for the vampires. Uathacht,
fearing that too much of such things would break Conan’s mind, and
wanting the barbarian for herself, appears to Conan and Sonja and agrees
to cast a spell to weaken her brother in order to free Conan, so he may
willingly fulfill her hedonistic fantasies. Conan agrees, but only if
Sonja is set free as well, and while at first Uathacht agrees, she
reneges and Sonja is forced to kill her. Conan and Sonja attempt to flee
the Tower of Blood, but first encounter a group of the bat-like
Afterlings, who reveal that in Morophia’s weakened state, they are free
of his control and they show the two humans the way out. They intend to
burn the tower down, but soon, they encounter the vampire himself, who
transforms into the form of several of Conan’s past enemies, but Conan
and Sonja manage to start a fire to burn the vampire to a final death.
Unfortunately, they are trapped in flames at the top of the tower, and
as they make their way down the walls, they slip and fall, only to be
rescued by the Afterlings, who carry them to the cavern floor. Sonja,
believing she is acting in Conan’s best interest and wanting to spare
him from the bounty hunters who are chasing her, knocks him cold with a
rock and rides away. 


Demons Dwell in the Crypts of Yamath!” NELLE CRIPTE DI.. YAMATH ! (1a parte)

Featured Characters:

  • Thongor


  • Drugunda Thal (Sark of Tsargol, killed by Thongor) (Corpse)
  • Yelim Pelorvis (archdruid)
  • Yellow Druid

Other Characters:

  • Karm Karvus
  • Kora
  • Sharajsha of Zaar (wizard)


  • Lemuria
    • Scarlet Tower of Tsargol
    • Patanga


  • Sarkozan
  • Star Stone


  • Nemedis (floater)


Archdruid Yelim Pelorvis immediately seized power

as the new Sark of Tsargol and exhorted his warriors to slay both Thongor and

Karm Karvus. So began a red slaughter with the two warriors carving a bloody

circle on the arena sands. Scores of Tsargol’s ghoulish soldiers fell under

their swords until, suddenly, a darkling mist swirled thorugh the arena, blinding

Thongor’s opponents. Freeing the girl, the three of them climbed a rope trailing

down out of the blackness and board the Nemedis.

The next day Kora, the girl rescued from the arena, was dropped off at her village, and

the others traveled onward to the city of Patangan, seeking to enter the crypts

beneath the ancient Altar of Yamath. Only there would they find the pillar of

Eternal Fire in which they must cast the Star Stone to reshape it. It was vital

the process not be interrupted, so, of course, a yellow druid and his company of

guardsman promptly came down to the sacred crypts with gifts for Yamath. Battle

ensued and Thongor wreaked bloody havoc until a reinforcement of temple guardsmen

a hundred strong arrived. 

Continued to next issue…

Featured Characters:


  • Dom Vinsala  (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Brule
  • Kuthulos
  • Demontur (Death)
  • Marcina



Kull’s ship is caught in a storm at sea, and manages to come aground on an uncharted island. Home of two warring cultures, and to one who walks with the curse of the Werewolf.


  • Freely adapted from Robert E. Howard’s original story by Thomas

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