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IL MITICO THOR corno N.45 IL TRUCCO DI RING MASTER 1972 vendicatori ercole


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contiene inoltre:  I VENDICATORI (ancora con Ercole a contratto interinale) e gli ultimi due episodi de I RACCONTI DI ASGARD



Thor Vol 1 146

“– If the Thunder Be Gone!” / IL TRUCCO DI RINGMASTER

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Thor continues to practice with the Ringmaster’s Circus of Crime, unaware that the Ringmaster intends to use his hypnotic powers to force the Thunder God into stealing a priceless gold status of a bull. During the practice session, Princess Python begins to take a liking toward Thor. Before their first show together, the Ringmaster gives Thor the costume he is to wear during his performance: A mock-up of his actual costume (the Ringmaster is unaware that Thor is the genuine article.) As Thor prepares for the big show, the Ringmaster and his goons prepare for their next robbery.

During the performance, Thor finds the crowds over enthusiastic response to his feats odd, unaware that the Ringmaster is using his hypno-disc to make everyone in the audience “see” Thor pulling off feats that he was able to accomplish before he was stripped of his powers by Odin. Thor is also shocked to see his one time love, Jane Foster, in the audience and finds some solace that she has found a new man to love.

After the show, the Ringmaster uses his hypnotic powers to put Thor back into a trance and orders him to aid them in a robbery of the golden bull statue. The Circus of Crime attacks the museum where the bull is being kept, and while the Clown, and the Great Gambonos keep the guards on the ground level occupied, Prince Python, and the Human Cannonball smash into the upper level to deal with the guards there.

After the guards have been incapacitated, the Ringmaster enters with Thor and orders the Thunder God to lift the statue and carry it out of the building. 

Although the break open a hole in the wall to make their escape, the museum guards manage to get into the room and their ricocheting bullets manages to snap Thor out of the Ringmasters control. Confused with where he is and what he is doing, Thor drops the bull accidentally pinning Princess Python under it.

Watching these events from Asgard, Balder and Sif fear for Thor’s safety now that he is no longer invulnerable but cannot act due to Odin’s orders. Odin himself also refuses to do anything until his son has made a penance for his actions. While back on Earth, the police police order Thor to surrender or they will fire. Not wishing to be tried as a criminal and his attentions divided by the pleas of Princess Python for help, Thor takes too long to make a decision and the police open fire upon him.

Avengers Vol 1 39

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The newspapers write how Black Widow stole secret plans and escaped to Russia with them. Hawkeye is upset and walks into a trap, set by the Mad Thinker. Hawkeye is attacked and captured by Hammerhead, one of his “Triumvirate of Terror”. Goliath and the Wasp go to help but are captured by Piledriver, another member. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are captured by Thunderboot, the last member. The Mad Thinker then carries out his plans to steal all of Tony Stark’s inventions. Hercules returns to the HQ, discovers them, frees the captive Avengers and together they defeat the Triumvirate of Terror. 

The Mad Thinker escapes however.


  • Hawkeye, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wasp, Goliath, and the Black Widow were all seen last issue in Avengers #38 (in this italian last issue).
  • The Mad Thinker was last seen in Fantastic Four Annual #4  (in Italy in F4C # 53), where he found and reactivated the Original Human Torch (Jim Hammond) from World War II) against the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch (Johnny Storm.)
  • This is the first appearance of Triumvirate of Terror, this is also their only appearance.
    • Triumvirate member Hammerhead should not be confused with the Spider-Man foe of the same name.
    • Pile Driver of the Triumvirate is not the same Pile Driver who would become a member of the Wrecking Crew.
  • Page 1: The headline that Black Widow is a traitor is part of the secret mission she has undertaken for SHIELD in Avengers #38 (in this italian last issue).
  • Page 2: The group reflects on how Black Widow made a quick turn around from wanting to be a member of the Avengers, Hawkeye was petitioning for her to be made a member of the group from Avengers #36-38  (in Italy in THC # 42-44).
  • Page 3: SHIELD sent Black Widow on this mission, their appearance in this issue of Avengers occurs after Strange Tales #155  (in Italy in DEVC # 57).
    • Nick Fury muses that he’s supposed to be confined to quarters, this happened as a result of the SHIELD helicarrier almost crashing the ground under his watch in Strange Tales #155  (in Italy in DEVC # 57).
    • Hercules muses about how he used to pit his strength against Diomedes. Diomedes is a Greek war hero who battled in the Trojan war.
  • Page 4: Hawkeye goes looking for underworld crooks he knew when he was just “another crook”, this is a reference to the start of Hawkeye’s costumed career (starting in Tales of Suspense #57  / in Italy in DEVC # 41) where thanks to his involvement with the Black Widow (who was a communist spy at the time) was branded a crook.
    • Mad Thinker’s musement that Captain America is otherwise occupied, is a reference to his battle with the Red Skull in Tales of Suspense #89  (in Italy in CAPC # 11).
    • Mad Thinker mentions getting a hold of the technology of Anthony Stark that is housed in Avengers headquarters. Anthony (or Tony) Stark is secretly the Avenger Iron Man, he has been bankrolling the Avengers and providing them with a base and equipment since Avengers #2 (in Italy in THC # 6).
  • Page 8: Hawkeye refers to the Mad Thinker as the “egg head who has it in for the Fantastic Four”, the Mad Thinker has been clashing with the FF constantly since he first battled them back in Fantastic Four #15 (in Italy in F4C # 11). He most recently battled the FF in Fantastic Four Annual #4 (in Italy in F4C # 53) where he used the original Human Torch as his pawn.
  • Page 14: Hercules is singing a song about his 12 labors. According to Greek myth after being tricked into slaying his wife and child by Hera, Hercules was assigned 12 labors as penance by the Oracle at Delphi, these labors were to be decided by King Eurystheus. Two of the labors that Herc sings about are the Nemean Lion, his first task was to slay the lion and bring back it’s hide. He also sings of monster birds, which is a reference to the sixth task slaying of the Stymphalian Birds.
  • Page 10: The Mad Thinker plots that when next he meets the Avengers he’ll be able to factor in that Hercules is a member of their group. The next time Mad Thinker fights the Avengers is in Avengers #63 (in Italy in THC # 75), and Hercules is not present in the groups roster at the time, they still manage to beat him as well.
  • Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wasp, Goliath, Hercules, and the Black Widow are all seen again in Avengers #40 (in this italian next issue).
  • Mad Thinker pops up again in Fantastic Four #68 (in Italy in F4C # 65) where the he manipulates the Thing into going mad.

Tales of Asgard: The Beginning of the End!” le storie di Asgard : IL PRINCIPIO DELLA FINE !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


As Thor, Fandral, and Hogun continue their fight against the demonic warriors of Mogul, they are joined by Alibar, who has decided to denounce Mogul as his master and help the three Asgardians fight off the demonic army.

As the battle rages, Mogul plots to use a potion containing the Spotted Plague to kill his opponents should they manage to succeed in defeating his armies. When the final army flank of Mogul’s army races to meet Thor and the others, they are instantly destroyed in a single blast fire by Volstagg who has just arrived with the Rod of Wonderous Wizard Power.

Tales of Asgard: The End!” le storie di Asgard : LA FINE

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


Thor, the Warriors Three and Alibar the Thief have succeeded in defeating Mogul’s demonic warriors Satan’s Forty Horsemen, and briefly celebrate their victory. Alibar then gives Hogun a stolen Battle Stadard that Mogul wanted Alibar to use in battle to taunt Hogun, and the five warriors charge toward Mogul’s castle.

Thor, the Warriors Three and Alibar the Thief have succeeded in defeating Mogul’s demonic warriors Satan’s Forty Horsemen, and briefly celebrate their victory. Alibar then gives Hogun a stolen Battle Stadard that Mogul wanted Alibar to use in battle to taunt Hogun, and the five warriors charge toward Mogul’s castle.

However, Mogul is far away, travelling to the land of Hogun to commit the ultimate revenge: Unleashing the Spotted Plague in the hopes of killing all of Hogun’s people. However, Mogul never gets the chance to unleash the plague, because at that moment Alibar has led Thor and the others into Mogul’s room full of mystical artifacts. There Alibar smashes a crystal that seemingly slays Mogul from afar, eliminating his threat.

With Mogul destroyed, Alibar takes his place as ruler of Xandu and thanks Thor and the Warriors Three for their aid in liberating his people. With their mission ended, Thor and the Warriors Three return to Asgard.


This is the final “Tales from Asgard” back-up story to appear in the pages of Thor for a while, it’s replaced with a regular feature about the Inhumans.

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