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DEVIL corno # 27 LA BATTAGLIA IMPOSSIBILE iron man nick fury shield


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all’ interno : IRON-MAN (che cazzeggiando a spasso nel tempo si imatte nientepopodimeno che in Cleopatra !), NICK FURY (all’ esordio nella riconversione silver age da ex pugile veterano ad agente segreto con licenza di qualsiasi grossolanità grazie allo zampino del solito compiacente ed onnipresente Tony Stark)

e la pin-up de I nemici di Devil : MARAUDER

DI BUSTA, no adesivi

Daredevil Vol 1 32.jpg

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




Taken unawares by the Cobra, the literally blind Daredevil is taken
to a lighthouse where Cobra and Mr. Hyde plan to destroy Daredevil.
During the fight, DD manages to get hold of the antidote for the
chemical that removed his enhanced senses and quickly overpowers the two
criminals and turns them over to the police custody.

The Masked Marauder / I nemici di Devil : MARAUDER


illustration /



Stan Lee
Gene Colan
John Tartaglione

Content Information

Masked Marauder

Tales of Suspense 44.jpg

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Cleopatra (First appearance)
  • Paul (Only Appearance) (Archeologist)
  • The Roman Legions




Anthony Stark boards a plane to fly to Egypt, where he is to join an old friend of his who is excavating King Hatap’s Tomb.
He endures some good-natured ribbing from reporters about what he
thinks his chances would be to romance a lady like Cleopatra. By the
time he gets to the dig site, his archaeologist friend Paul worries that
it will take months of aimless digging to find the tomb. Stark offers
the services of his “friend” Iron Man, who can use his electronic probes
to see through the pyramid walls and locate the tomb. Tony enjoys an
evening watching belly-dancers in Cairo before he is taken ill and has to retire to his room and “recharge” his chest plate.

The next morning, Iron Man
arrives at the dig site and uses a powerful transistorized fluoroscope
to quickly locate the tomb. He then uses his armor’s diamond tipped
drills to bore his way into the tomb, doing in only minutes what would
have taken the diggers months to accomplish. Inside the tomb, Paul and
Iron Man find King Hatap’s mummy, which is shrouded in strange wrappings
the archaeologist has never seen before (an oddity entirely befitting
the man whom Paul calls “The Mad Pharaoh”). Iron Man leaves, only to
reappear shortly as Tony Stark. When Stark arrives at the excavation
site, Paul informs him that the mummy appears to have been stolen. While
Paul is out searching the area, a mystery man approaches Stark in his
tent and declares himself to be none other than King Hatap, the Mad Pharaoh.
Stark believes the man is telling the truth because of the Sacred Asp
ring he wears, which Hatap was depicted wearing in the tomb’s
hieroglyphics. Demanding to know more, Hatap tells Stark that he was
never dead; in fact, he has just awoken from 2,000 years of suspended
animation, initiated when took a magical potion to make him appear dead
in order to evade his enemies.

Hatap’s plan is to return to his own time and replace his enemy, Cleopatra,
as the ruler of Egypt. He conjures a magical plaque and demands that
Stark travel back in time with him to aid him in his battle against
Cleopatra, or he will allow Paul and his workers to die. After Stark
agrees, Hatap disperses the plaque, and rubs a magical golden charm
twice, summoning the Chariot of Time, in which they travel back to ancient Egypt.

Once they arrive in Ancient Egypt, Stark rolls down a sand dune
out of sight of Hatap and dons his Iron Man armor. As Iron Man, he rises
into the sky, causing Hatap to believe he is a monster that has killed
Stark. As Hatap flees, Iron Man decides to locate and meet Cleopatra.
Along the way, he sees a Roman Legion laying siege to an Egyptian palace
and decides to enter the battle on the side of the Egyptians. He
manages to topple the marauding legion and send them into a hasty
retreat. Once the battle has subsided, Iron Man asks for an audience
with Cleopatra, but the thankful Egyptians tell him that she has fled in
a barge only minutes earlier. Iron Man chases down the barge and blasts
through the hull of a Roman galley which had nearly overtaken the it,
causing the galley to sink.

Later, Iron Man is brought into the chambers of the beautiful Cleopatra.
He informs her that Hatap has returned from the dead and plans to take
over her throne. Cleopatra begs Iron Man to help her rid Egypt of his
menace, which he agrees to do. Soon afterwards, Iron Man leads an army
of Egyptian soldiers into battle against Hatap and his army. Iron Man
attaches caster wheels and a jet engine to his armor, turning himself
into a jet-powered human battering ram that quickly demolishes Hatap’s
forces, sending them flying. One –on-one, Hatap is no match for Iron Man
and attempts to make a quick getaway using his magical golden charm.
Iron Man uses a squirt of oil from his armor’s lubrication system to
cause Hatap to loose his grip on the charm. As he attempts to catch the
falling charm, Hatap trips and falls onto an upturned sword, killing
him. Iron Man grabs the charm, and despite an offer from Cleopatra to
stay and rule her kingdom with her, uses it to return to 1963.

Back in the future, Paul shows Stark a strange hieroglyphic,
which features a character resembling Iron Man seen with Cleopatra.


  • This story could not have taken place in 1 AD, as Cleopatra only
    ruled Egypt from 51 BC – 30 BC; She killed herself in 30 BC when the
    Romans conquered Egpyt. The presence of a Roman Legion pursuing her
    indicates this story took place sometime around 30 BC.
  • This story features the first time Iron Man utilized his
    armor’s minaiture tear gas bombs, propeller attachment and and
    jet-caster attachments (a precursor to his boot skates).


Strange Tales Vol 1 135.jpg

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD: The Man For the Job” / NICK FURY AGENTE SHIELD parte 1 : L’ UOMO PER LA MISSIONE

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





File:Strange Tales Vol 1 135 001.jpg

Pentagon where he is mysteriously
cloned. Full of questions, he is then escorted to the streets above
where the clones have been positioned to protect Fury from hidden
assassins. Shoved into a car, another attack is thwarted by various spy
gadgets that the car is equipped with. He is told about SHIELD and that
the attacks have come from HYDRA, where the agent responsible for the
failed attacks on Fury is killed by Agent H, who replaces him. At SHIELD
HQ, Fury is greeted by Tony Stark, who is in charge of the Special
Weaponry Section and told that he has been chosen to lead SHIELD in
their mission to destroy HYDRA. At first, Fury is reluctant, but after
uncovering a bomb that had been rigged to blow up him and high-ranking
officials, he quickly takes control and agrees to lead SHIELD.


  • This is the first issue of Strange Tales to feature a Nick Fury
    story, replacing the previous Human Torch feature that regularly
    appeared in this series. Nick Fury’s stories would continue to share the
    Strange Tales title with Dr. Strange until issue #169 Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD is given it’s own series, and Strange Tales is renamed to Doctor Strange.


  • Laura Brown‘s Hydra name is first given as Agent H. It will change to Agent G in Strange Tales #135


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