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CAPITAN AMERICA editoriale corno N.79 LA FINE DI SUWAN luke cage power man 1976


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Nell’ episodio principale Suwan la perfida e sensuale nipotina dell’ Artiglio Giallo fa apparentemente la fine del surimi venendo frantumata e macinata in polpa fine dal vendicativo zietto, ma sarà però vomitata più avanti per riciclarsi di nuovo intera e compatta nell’ Artiglio di Giada delle famigerate Forze Atlas a supporto e sostegno dei mongoloidi

contiene : LUKE CAGE (futuro POWERMAN)



                                                      Captain America Vol 1 167.jpg

Ashes to Ashes” / LA FINE DI SUWAN !

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With Fury KO and CAP prisoner,

the Yellow Claw insists on his crazy plan to restore the glories of ancient Egypt

but he was betrayed by his vengeful niece Suwan; 

therefore he transferred the spirit
of Fan-le-tamen to himself, which caused Suwan to crumble into dust, and
he escaped.

                                                      Hero for Hire Vol 1 11

Where There’s Life…!” / DOVE C’E’ VITA..!

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Left to drown in a waterfront tunnel by
Señior Muerte, Luke Cage tires to break free of the chains that bind him
as the tunnel fills with water. Muerte resumes his operations as an
illegal casino operator, smashing up a rival operation by another
criminal from L.A. setting up shop in New York.

As Muerte and his goons deal with this, Luke manages to break
free of his trap and escape from drowning at the last minute. While at
Noah Burstein’s clinic, Noah realizes that he left his desk unlocked,
and securely locks it before closing up for the night. After, Phil Fox
breaks in and takes the book, hoping to find some dirt on Noah for his
story about the clinic.

Meanwhile, thanks to a tip from Flea, Luke manages to track down
Señor Muerte’s secret hideout. However, as Luke is on the way, Flea
betrays him by calling in Suerte to warn him. When Luke arrives, Muerte
is ready for him with a series of gambling related traps. However, Luke
manages to fight through them all, and begins to fight Mueret one-on-one
again. When Muerte charges up one of his hands, Luke takes off his
chain-belt and throws it at Muerte. When the chains wrap around Muerte’s
wrists, it causes Muerte to be jolted with his own lethal volt of
electricity, killing him instantly.

After, Luke returns to Mrs. Jenks’ home and tells her that he
solved her husbands murder and tells her all the details before leaving.
Weary Luke feels as though something still isn’t right, a premonition
perhaps as at that moment Phil Fox, reading Noah’s log book, learns that
Luke Cage is an escaped convict.

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 9.jpg

The Terror of Tim Boo Ba” / LO SPAVENTOSO TIM BOO BA



This story has the same theme as the Ditko stories in Tales of Suspense #9 & Tales of Suspense #13,Tales to Astonish #18 (all unpublished in Italy).
Alien warlord Tim Boo Ba is master of all he surveys but is wiped out
in a torrential flood when an Earth boy drips water on the small scale
model that is Tim Boo Ba’s home planet.


Real Name: Tim Boo Ba

Identity/Class: Extradimensional being (Devoktites)

Occupation: Despot

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His horde of followers,
including Grogoom

Enemies: Dr. Nemesis;
Fin Fang Four (Elektro, Fin Fang Foom,
Gorgilla); Unnamed human-like race

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Goom

Base of Operations: The planet Devoktos in the

First Appearance: Amazing Adult Fantasy#9
(February, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Tim Boo Ba possessed green
scaly skin and stood nearly twice as tall as a normal humanoid on his




(Amazing Adult Fantasy#9) – Tim Boo Ba conquered another world,
directing his armies to pummel his opponents into submission, until
they finally surrendered to him under a white flag. However, Tim Boo Ba
crushed their flag with his boot as a sign of contempt. Tim Boo Ba went
on to force the people of the world to pay him homage, and sent those
who opposed him into prisons where they were never seen again. He soon
set up new laws for the people to obey, demanding that no other speak
as he did. He had statues of himself erected over the world, but left
his subjects in poverty.

However, for all his power, there proved
to be a force greater than Tim Boo Ba — his world was suddenly engulfed
in a flood which wiped him out, along with his kingdom. The water which
destroyed his world came from a glass of water on Earth, dripping onto
Tim Boo Ba’s world — only a tiny model from the perspective of a human.

 (Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses
Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 (fb)-BTS) – Dr. Nemesis built a
machine that allowed him to view Tim Boo Ba’s world, and years later,
would be shrunk into Tim Boo Ba’s world when his Pym Particles went out
of control. Tim Boo Ba and his minions tortured Nemesis before he
managed to escape back into his home dimension. Nemesis would later try
to warn his old enemies and Elsa Bloodstone of the danger posed by this

(Marvel Monsters: Fin Fang Four#1) – Tim Boo Ba
telepathically reached Googam, pretending to be the alien’s father Goom
He ordered Googam to break into the laboratory of Reed Richards and use
a device to release him from his sub-atomic prison.  When Googam
succeeded, he was horrified to learn that it was not his father, but
Tim Boo Ba and his minions.  While Tim Boo Ba used the power of
the machine to continue growing, his hordes were fended off by Fin Fang
Foom, Gorgilla and Elektro, all creatures that, like Googam, had been
given jobs within the Baxter Building.  Googam destroyed the
machine, ceasing Tim Boo Ba’s growth rate, and when the giant creature
began to rampage through the coast, the four went after him.  Foom
had Gorgilla distract Tim Boo Ba, while Elektro plunged a Fantasti-Car
into the invader’s mouth.  Foom used his fiery breath to cause an
explosion within Tim Boo Ba, knocking him out.

 Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve

Since Tim Boo Ba’s defeated subjects all
resembled humans, he was likely from a different world, and had
conquered the human-like people’s planet.

Lee and Ditko did a few other stories
like this one, including “Will This Be the End of the World” from
Journey Into Mystery I#72 (in which a world was on a baseball glove), “When the
Earth Vanished” from Tales of Suspense I#13 (world is a ping pong ball;
see the Goloks),
and Monsteroso
from Tales to Astonish I#18 (world is on a slide).

It should be noted that, in general, microworlds are
not really microscopic in size, but actually just separate dimensions
accessed via the energies generated by shrinking below a certain point.

In the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel
Universe A to Z#7, in the profile of the Microverse, the name of Tim Boo
Ba’s homeworld was revealed to be Devoktos, and his race was known as
the “Devoktites” (an anagram of “Steve Ditko”).
–John Kaminski

Not really so much an addition into Tim Boo Ba’s
history as a footnote for readers. There is a retelling of the story
with new artwork (instead of a straight up reprint of the original
story) by Gene Colon as a ‘Tales of the Watcher’ backup feature in
Silver Surfer I#4. From the sounds of things the plot is exactly the
same, but since it does use entirely new artwork done by Colon, people
might interest enough to mention it.
–DB Sommer

In Monster-Size Hulk#1 (December, 2008) the Hulk defeated Tim Boo Ba in a fairy tale Goom told to his son Googam (in ITaly in D&HP #151).
–Markus Raymond

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