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CAPITAN AMERICA corno N.8 L' AGGUATO ! originale 1973 X-MEN sub-mariner magneto


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contiene inoltre :  X – MEN dove nelle ultime pagine si arruola nelle fila dei mutanti malvagi di Magneto anche quello subacqueo ma sempre senza muta anche in inverno e pure nei mari artici, ovvero il sempre fradicio principe Namor


Tales of Suspense Vol 1 81

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Red Skull’s Island Stronghold (Destroyed)



The Red Skull now has in his possession the Cosmic Cube, a device created by AIM that would allow it’s user to shape reality to their whims, and the only person to stop the Skull from using it is his arch nemesis Captain America.

Cap’s first attack is easily defended, and the Skull tells Cap how after he destroys his old foe he will use the cube to make the entire human race his slave and then root out the weak in order to create an army of the strongest people on the planet to launch war against the rest of the universe.

The Skull then creates a humanoid out of the islands very soil and sets it to attack Captain America until he grows tired and sends the creature into limbo. When he is about to do the same thing to Captain America himself, Cap tricks the Skull into sparing him by convincing him that the greatest victory would have his greatest foe, humbled and subservient to nobody but the Skull.

Finding this idea appealing, the Skull accepts and then creates himself a suit of knightly armor to match his perceived destiny to be king of the world. When “knighting” Captain America, Cap uses it as the perfect opportunity to catch the Skull off guard and knock the cube out of his grasp. During their fight to get the cube back the Skull uses it to try and destroy Cap by tearing the island apart. However in the scuffle Cap manages to knock the cube out of Skull’s hand making it lost at sea and the Skull falls in right after it, the weight of his armor dragging him to the ocean floor. Cap survives the experience, presuming that the Skull had died, as for the cube, it is lost at the bottom of the sea.

                                                        Tales of Suspense Vol 1 82

The Maddening Mystery of the Inconceivable Adaptoid!” / L’ AGGHIACCIANTE MISTERO DELL’ INCREDIBILE ADATTOIDE

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




One night while alone in Avengers Mansion, Captain America is once again reminiscing about his past during World War 2 when he is briefly visited by Jarvis. Deciding to check on the ready room one more time, he is suddenly attacked by his old World War 2 foe, Agent Axis, who vanishes as suddenly as he appears.

When checking the monitor room he is soon interrupted by a communication from yet another old World War 2 foe: Fang the Warlord. Fearing that he may be losing his mind, he soon finds himself living a vivid fantasy where he and his late partner Bucky are in a car fleeing the Nazi’s the two fight off their attackers before Cap realizes this is yet another strange hallucination.

Next he sees what he believes to be Sgt. Duffy and a troops on a hike, and soon grows faint to be helped who appear to be Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. When Cap asks what they are doing in New York when last he heard they were in Europe trying to get their lost powers back, it turns out that it was really Jarvis he was talking to.

Elsewhere, a group of SHIELD agents have uncovered an AIM facility where they find Count Royal, an AIM operative who has released something that they learn is called an “Adaptoid.”
Back at Avengers Mansion as Jarvis places the unconscious Captain America in his bed, Jarvis soon also suddenly transforms into the Adaptoid, which then takes on the shape of Captain America, and takes Cap’s shield.

  • The splash page of the Captain America story lists this credit: Irving Forbush sharpened the pencils.

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 83

“Enter… The Tumbler!” / LA MISSIONE DELL’ ADATTOIDE !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





Having taken the form of Captain America, the Adaptoid is startled by the sudden appearance made by the Tumbler, a crook who has studied acrobatics in the hopes of earning a reputation by defeating Captain America. While the Adaptoid battles the Tumbler (doing poorly, because while he has Cap’s abilities he doesn’t have Cap’s experience) the real Captain America manages to get loose and defeat the Tumbler, and tie both his doppelganger and the intruder and calls the police. After turning the Tumbler over to the police, Jarvis helps Captain America take the bound Adaptoid to Goliath’s lab until the other Avengers return. Left alone in the lab the Adaptoid resumes it’s original form and plots it’s escape… 

X-Men Vol 1 5

Trapped: One X-Man”  / INTRAPPOLATO UN X-MAN !  (2a parte)

Featured Characters:






Continued from last issue…

Magneto attempts to brainwash Angel.

The X-Men try to decide what to do with the Toad when he suddenly falls into a trance. The Toad’s only thoughts are that he has to return to Magneto. He pulls out a communicator and summons a capsule for the sky. The X-Men decide to go with the Toad to wherever he is heading in order to find Angel. The X-Men appear on Asteroid M to the Brotherhood’s surprise. Magneto heads over to activate a switch designed to kill the X-Men with the push of a button, but the console is sabotaged by the Scarlet Witch because she cannot tolerate murder. Magneto and the two siblings argue over their loyalties giving the X-Men enough time to free the Angel and attack.

The fighting causes some extensive damage to the space station which causes it to start to fall apart. Cyclops is trapped in a section of the asteroid that breaks off right away. Iceman has to create an ice tunnel so that Angel can go and rescue Cyclops. Before the asteroid is fully destroyed, the X-Men use the capsule to return to Earth. When the X-Men return to the mansion they try to tell Professor Xavier what had occurred. Professor Xavier informs them that he was able to follow everything, because he did not lose his telepathy. Since the X-Men performed this solo mission perfectly, they passed their final exams and the narrator informs that their training is over. 

  • Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch show resistance, albeit slight, to Magneto’s way of thinking. This is also evident in X-Men #4 (in Italy in CAPC # 6). However, the Scarlet Witch feels she owes her life to Magneto and Quicksilver will not abandon her, creating an seemingly uneasy submission on their part towards Magneto’s wishes.
  • Toad also shows sympathy towards the X-Men after Magneto shoves Cyclops into space, crying out to Magneto “You’re making a mistake” (pg. 23)

  • This battle marks the end of the X-Men’s training as students at the school.
  • Cyclops almost floats away into space in this issue. Luckily everyone is able to hold their breath in space while both talking and Iceman builds an ice bridge around them on Asteroid M.
  • This issue marks the first time Xavier reveals he intentionally decieved the X-Men.
X-Men Vol 1 6

Sub-Mariner Joins the Evil Mutants!” / SUB-MARINER SI UNISCE AI MUTANTI MALVAGI ! (1a parte)

Featured Characters:


Races and Species:




Professor Xavier reads a newspaper article about the Sub-Mariner. He begins to wonder whether or not the Sub-Mariner is a mutant. Meanwhile Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are at their new headquarters on an island somewhere in the ocean pondering the same thing. Magneto decides to try and recruit the Sub-Mariner by projecting his astral form under the ocean. Professor Xavier does the same thing from the mansion, but decides to hide his astral form when he senses Magneto’s astral form nearby.

Magneto finds Namor’s underwater kingdom, but decides not to approach the Sub-Mariner following an outburst that he witnesses. Instead Magneto approaches one of the other Atlanteans and makes a deal with him. In exchange for delivering a message from him, Magneto claims that the Atlantean can become the new ruler of Atlantis if the Sub-Mariner joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Continued to next issue…

  • Namor is established to be a mutant. He was already mentioned as “possibly the first known mutant” in Fantastic Four Annual #1 (in Italy in F4C #15). At this point in time, Namor was mainly appearing as a recurring character in the Fantastic Four series.
  • This is the first mention of a “cook” for the X-Men, but one has yet to be revealed.
  • Iceman uses his ice powers to make pie a la mode in this issue. Unfortunately, the editors ignored the need for cream when making ice cream and Bobby would have really only eaten ice.
  • Magneto apparently shows telepathic powers in this issue as he sends forth a mental image as an ambassador to Prince Namor. This is the same mental power Professor X uses to look for Namor. It is even stated that Magneto’s mind is second in the world to Professor X’s capability. 


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