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nell’ episodio principale dell’ albo il povero CAP è sempre più succube ed asservito al grottesco cranio paonazzo che ormai è il suo dominatore assoluto e lo costringe alle punizioni più drastiche ed alle umiliazioni più mortificanti, come sparargli in cuffia le canzoni di nek a tutto volume e portarlo in giro al guinzaglio con la museruola facendolo camminare sui tacchi dodici a zoppo galletto  

contiene : X-MEN con un episodio incentrato sull’ Uomo Ghiaccio / Ice-Man che come ogni rude-boy che si rispetti (Clash docet) non può assolutamente sbagliare altrimenti poi si squaglia



Captain America Vol 1 104

“Slave of the Skull!” / LO SCHIAVO DI TESCHIO ROSSO

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Following his escape with Sharon Carter from Exile Island,
Captain America is asked by S.H.I.E.L.D. to test out their newest model
of Life Model Decoys. Despite the improvements, Captain America manages
to defeat them with some effort. Nick Fury is impressed by the display
and orders the defeated LMD’s back to the labs to have their memories
wiped clean for a new mission. Cap has been plagued by a series of
steadily worsening headaches and so he goes to see the S.H.I.E.L.D.
physician to find out what’s going on. As Cap takes off his uniform
shirt he is suddenly struck by an unbearable migrane, the product of the
nuclear tape that the Red Skull placed on his neck.
The Red Skull has activated the detonator device on Exile Island to
cause this pain and then makes direct contact with S.H.I.E.L.D. He tells
them that he has placed the nuclear tape on the back of Captain
America’s neck and that in doing so he has made Cap his slave. He
cautions anyone from attempting to remove the special tape as doing so
would activate the timer on a bomb planted somewhere in Washington D.C.
by one of the Skull’s spies.

As his first command, the Red Skull orders Captain America to
return to Exile Island immediately. Hearing this plan, Gruning fears
that this sort of brash action was what made the Nazi’s lose World War
II, however the Red Skull believes it’s because Adolf Hitler never
listened to him and is confident that he will be able to crush Captain
America once and for all. He then meets with the other Exiles to tell
them what is about to happen. Each of them are happy to be working on
ending the life of Captain America. The Exiles’ hatred desires to replace him as leader of the group makes him grin,
knowing that the best way to find a common front in a winning army is

Back at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, the doctor confirms Red
Skull’s findings, which upset Sharon Carter. Cap tells her that he has
no choice but to return to Exile Island, but in the meantime
S.H.I.E.L.D. can go to Washington and try and locate the bomb in the
hopes of disarming it before the Red Skull can set it off. Taking a raft
out into the ocean, Captain America is picked up by one of the Red
Skull’s submarines. Aboard the vessel, the captain of the ship openly
mocks Captain America’s plight. When Cap is brought before the Red Skull
he tries to attack him, however the Skull activates the detonator
causing Cap to reel back in pain.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Nick Fury, Sharon and the agents
of S.H.I.E.L.D. manage to locate the bomb. Finding it too complex for
them to disarm, Fury calls out for Tony Stark to come and make an
attempt. While back on Exile Island Captain America is forced to battle
each of the Exiles. The first to attack is Cadavus and his death chair,
which he uses to keep Cap at bay. Then Gruning with his electrified
whip, followed by Iron Hand Hauptman. However, by this point Cap has
regained his bearing and tosses Hauptman into Gruning. When Krushki
tries to use his wrestling moves on Captain America, the Star-Spangled
Avenger easily tosses him aside before facing off against Baldini and
his weighted scarf. Cap manages to fight himself free, destroys
Cadavus’s chair, and begins tearing into the Exiles.

With the battle turning in Cap’s favor, General Ching offers to
shoot Captain America in the back, however the Red Skull opts instead to
activate the detonator in the hopes the pain will be so great that Cap
will rip off the nuclear tape and detonate the bomb planted in
Washington. However when he pushes the detonator’s button it does
nothing, making him realize that S.H.I.E.L.D. must have defused the
bomb. Almost as if on cue, S.H.I.E.L.D. attacks the island, easily
overpowering the Red Skull’s troops and sending the Exiles fleeing to
safety. Although the Exiles escape, S.H.I.E.L.D. secures the island and
Sharon is reunited with Cap and removes the nuclear tape.

With the battle over, Captain America plants an American flag on
the land and tells the soldiers that so long as those who follow
Democracy never lose their resolve, they will always be able to defeat
evils like the Nazis.


X-Men Vol 1 18

“If Iceman Should Fail..!” / SE L’ UOMO GHIACCIO DOVESSE FALLIRE !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





  • Magneto’s metal gondola and balloon
  • Laser-induced hypodermic
  • Magneto’s Magna-Car


Professor X, Angel, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl have all been
defeated by Magneto, who put the team into a high altitude hot-air
balloon, hoping that his hated foes would perish once it reaches its
destination of 100,000 feet. Magneto revels over the victory,
magnetically lifting the mansion out of its foundation. He then decides
to use the mansion as his own base of power then sets the house back
down to the ground. Entering the residence of his hated foes, he then
uses his magnetic powers to destroy Cerebro. However, his destruction is
interrupted when the Worthingtons — Warren’s parents — arrive for a
visit. Magneto confronts them at the front door and uses magnetic
hypnotism to put them under his thrall, ordering them to go sleep
upstairs in the upper bedrooms. Magneto then comes to realize that one
of the X-Men — Iceman — is missing, and waits for him to return to the
mansion so that his revenge can be complete. Magneto boasts how Iceman
is the weakest of all the X-Men.

Meanwhile, Iceman is still recovering from injuries sustained
battling the Sentinels. His doctor injects the unconscious mutant with a
new medicine with a special device. It stops the boy’s delirious
rantings; however, if he will awaken remains to be seen. Meanwhile, high
above in the weather balloon that might mean their doom, Professor X
exerts all his mental power to try and overload the mental-wave
disruptor that has been attached to his head. His ploy succeeds and he
revives the rest of the X-Men. They begin to assess their abysmal
situation and wonder how Magneto could have returned, after being taken
from Earth by the Stranger.

Back at the X-Mansion, Magneto uses his magnetic powers to assist
him in constructing a device that can duplicate body cells and create
an army of mutant clones, using the Worthingtons as the source material.
Probing the situation mentally, the Professor learns of Magneto’s plans
and tries to revive Iceman, who awakens from his coma and agrees to go
out and try and stop Magneto. Marvel Girl is then instructed to use her
telekinetic powers as an anchor, preventing their balloon from floating
up any higher. The Professor then probes Magneto’s mind so that he and
the X-Men can learn how Magneto managed to return to Earth:

They discover that shortly after Magneto and Toad were taken to
the Stranger’s homeworld, Magneto began plotting his escape. One day,
they were left to their own devices and Magneto — taking advantage of
the fact that the Stranger allowed them to roam his planet freely —
brought Toad to a location where a number of rocket ships had been
collected by the Stranger and put on display in a museum. Magneto then
used his magnetic powers to gain access to one of the rockets and after
kicking Toad off the entrance ladder, Magneto flew the rocket back to

Bobby arrives at the mansion and spies on Magneto to learn what
his plan is. Seeing Magneto creating Mutant clones from the Worthingtons
DNA, Iceman sneaks into the room where they are sleeping and uses his
ice powers to stop the flow of information, leaving the clones inert.
Furious that his creations have not come to life, Magneto enters the
room and attacks Iceman. Magneto underestimates Iceman’s ability and
Bobby manages to fight off Magneto’s attacks, creating an ice slide to
send the two of them out of the mansion.

Meanwhile aboard the balloon, the Professor comes up with a
solution to get them back on the ground. He orders Cyclops to use his
optic blast to poke a pinpoint hole in the balloon so that the helium
inside slowly leaks out and they can then safely descend to the ground
below. The X-Men safely land on the ground and attack Magneto together,
however the Master of Magnetism manages to fight them off. Before they
can renew their attack, Magneto magnetically traps Iceman and threatens
to kill him if the X-Men don’t cease their fighting. Iceman tells the
others not to surrender for him, however Angel flies in and manages to
pull him free from Magneto’s grasp.

The X-Men and Magneto resume their battle until Professor X tells
them all to stop fighting and surrender. The X-Men are shocked at this
order and Magneto gloats over his “superiority” over the X-Men. However,
this only proves to be a delaying tactic on the Professor’s part as he
has delivered a mental summons to the stars, calling the Stranger back
to Earth to collect Magneto. Magneto flees the scene, with the Stranger
trailing behind him.

The X-Men then rush inside to stop the machine (which has now
begun to operate since Iceman’s ice has thawed) before it can bring
Magneto’s slave Mutants to life. With the machine deactivated, the
clones disintegrate and the X-Men destroy the machine.

The next day the Worthingtons awaken from their sleep with
absolutely no memory of their encounter with Magneto, and join the X-Men
(now in their civilian guises and with their secret identities
protected) for breakfast.


  • Werner Roth penciled this issue under the pseudonym Jay Gavin
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 42

“Escape into Space” / FUGA NELLO SPAZIO

Featured Characters:

  • Conrad Zeno


  • Unrevealed future reality


A convict believes that he escaped his captors on a strange planet,
but the plan all along was for him to serve his sentence there, thinking
that he is free.

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