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L'UOMO RAGNO corno N.259 LA VENDETTA FOLLE hulk daredevil doc samson goblin 1980


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la storia di questo numero è la quarta di un ciclo di cinque che vede l’ ennesima ricomparsa del fastidioso folletto demente i cui consunti ma ambiti panni dopo essere stati tramandati nella linea di discendenza paterna di casa Osborn stavolta passano allo strizzacervellli di Harry un ex-sessantottino simpatizzante di psichiatria democratica

contiene inoltre : l’ incredibile DEVIL e l’altrettanto incredibile (ma forse pure impalpabile) HULK (infatti in questo spezzone di episodio c’è soltanto DOC SAMSON, che ha dovuto arrangiarsi da solo a sistemare l’ ubriacone molesto Rhino vista la persistente latitanza dell’ omaccio verde)


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The Green Goblin has captured Spider-Man as he is rushing to the
hospital to sign forms for Aunt May’s operation. 

However, mobsters in
the employ of Silvermane attack the Goblin with bazookas, inadvertently
freeing Spider-Man. Before the wallcrawler can get his bearings,
however, he falls into a dumpster, where the mobsters find him
unconscious. Spider-Man revives and fights his way to freedom. Changing
back to Peter Parker, Spidey rushes to the hospital just in the nick of
time. He is, however, chewed out by Mary Jane for taking so long to get
there to sign for his ailing aunt.

Meanwhile, the Green Goblin returns to his hideout, infuriated with Silvermane, and taunts his hostage once more before departing to
eliminate Silvermane so he can get control of the crime rackets. 

Back at
the hospital, Peter waits for Aunt May’s surgery to be completed, he is
consoled by Mary Jane, her Aunt Anna, and Joe Robertson. As Peter
learns that Aunt May is going to pull through, he also hears of the
Green Goblin attacking Radio City Music Hall and rushes there.

Changing into Spider-Man, Peter gets into the middle of a fight
between Silvermane and the Green Goblin. When the Goblin tries to get
away on his glider with Silvermane as his prisoner, Spider-Man tries to
stop them. However, the Goblin’s glider malfunctions and Spider-Man’s
web line busts, sending all three men falling from a fatal height.

Finally, in the Goblin’s hideout, his hostage breaks free, and it turns out that it’s really Harry Osborn, and he is furious.

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Mort knows that the Purple Man is responsible for his manipulation
and legal troubles. Therefore, he spends his life savings hiring the
mysterious Paladin to hunt down Killgrave. Paladin’s trail leads him
into a collision course with Daredevil who has also been searching for
Killgrave for some time. 

Paladin and Daredevil battle. They eventually
end their feud and compare notes on their cases. The two part in
somewhat congenial fashion.

Heather Glenn visits her distraught and speechless father,
Maxwell Glenn, in jail. Glenn is in a sad state of affairs and Heather
is heartbroken. After a surreal dream, Matt Murdock goes to Heather’s
empty apartment. Murdock has decided that he must explain to her that
he is Daredevil and that his unique senses have convinced him that
Maxwell Glenn is innocent and under the mental influence of the Purple
Man. Matt is unmasked in Heather’s apartment when the phone rings. It
is the jail telling him that Maxwell Glenn has committed suicide. Matt
hears this news as Heather enters her apartment…

Continued from last issue….
Elsewhere, in the abandoned mining town of Mossback Flats, the Rhino
gloats over how easily he succeeded on this latest mission, a great
rebound after his disastrous battle with the Red Rajah. The Rhino’s
thoughts of the future are interrupted with the arrival of Doc Samson
and soon the two are battling it out again. Initially, the Rhino has the
advantage and batters Doc Samson across town. However, Samson notices
that mentioning the Hulk agitates the Rhino and makes his fighting
sloppier. Samson uses this psychological trick to gain the upper hand.
The battle ends abruptly when the Rhino accidentally stumbles into a
deep well, trapping him. Although the battle is won, a somber Doc Samson
doesn’t feel like cheering his victory and silently walks out of town.


  • The Rhino recounts how he was recently defeated by the Red Rajah (who was Doctor Strange in disguise) as seen in Defenders #4344 (in Italy in DIFC #7-8).

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