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L'UOMO RAGNO corno 207 IL RITORNO DI TESTA DI MARTELLO devil black panther namor


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La pietosa parabola umana ed anfibia del Dr. Octopus sembra non avere fine nè fondo : dopo la ridicola sbandata senile per zia May ecco che adesso ha cominciato pure ad avere le traveggole e vede nemici, avversari ostli e teste di martello ovunque, senza rendersi invece conto che l’ unica vera testa di cazzo è lui

contiene IRON MAN DEVIL  (del quale continua l’ interminabile parcellizzazione dell’ annual, in cui però non è alle prese con una cartella di equitalia bensì pressato da Black Panther/LA PANTERA NERA da una parte e oppresso dal Principe Namor the Sub-Mariner dall’ altra)


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Miss Pringle, Jameson’s secretary
  • Doctor Octopus’ Unnamed Helicopter Pilot
  • Unnamed Daily Bugle Employee
  • Unnamed Hostage Negotiator
  • Suffolk County S.W.A.T. Team




  • Helicopter


Falling to his doom, Spider-Man escapes
this fate by creating a web-hang glider, even though he makes a rough
landing. Fixing up his Spider-Man costume at his apartment, Peter is
stuck dealing with Glory Grant who pops by for a visit, and Mary Jane
who rushes over to Peter’s apartment when she learns of the damage and
sudden disappearance of Aunt May. Peter plays dumb, hoping for some way
to get out of there so he can resume his search for Aunt May as
Spider-Man. He gets just what he wishes for when Joe Robertson calls him
and asks him to come to the Bugle.
There, Peter is only asked to check out the spectacle of Jameson’s
latest replacement secretary since Betty Brant went on her honeymoon
with Ned Leeds. When word about Dr. Octopus kidnapping an old woman and
taking control of Brooklyn Labs gets out, Peter rushes out there as

There, Dr. Octopus is building a device he hopes will destroy the
ghost of Hammerhead which has been haunting him since Hammerhead’s
supposed death. However, he is delayed by not only the arrival of the
Hammerhead ghost (who starts terrorizing both May and Octopus), but the
arrival of Spider-Man.

However, Spider-Man’s intervention allows for Hammerhead’s spirit
floating into the path of the device. Octopus actives the control
hoping to be rid of his tormentor forever, however something entirely
unexpected happens: Hammerhead is restored back to a physical body. 

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Iron Man catches up to a train to find the still recovering Happy and
Pepper inside. She explains that they can’t be a part of Tony’s life
anymore, it’s too dangerous. He says he understands and leaves.
Meanwhile, a truck driver finds a bunch of slaughtered pigs on the road
and is attacked by the Blood Brothers. Stark returns to Stark Industries
and chats with Abe Klein about overhauling the plant’s electrical
systems. Roxanne Gilbert has dinner with Michael O’Brien until she
realizes it’s only to get a reaction out of Stark, so she storms out.
Having stolen the driver’s truck, the Blood Brothers blow through a
police blockade at the Lincoln Tunnel. Stark goes to Roxanne’s apartment
where the doorman informs him she’s gone with O’Brien, so he leaves as
Iron Man and runs across the Blood Brothers. Harry Key leaves his
office, preparing to commit industrial espionage at Stark International
as Detective O’Brien watches. Scrounger brings Controller some food as
Iron Man battles the Blood Brothers, becoming trapped under a pier. 

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Keith Mallory




Continued from last issue…

Namor and Daredevil battle again, but this time, Daredevil wins.

While waiting for rescue, T’Challa escapes and frees the Mallory
boy as well. He decides to follow Costa’s gang by riding on the top of
their van.

As Daredevil arrives at the drop off point, he sees that Panther
is free, and they both beat down the gang for good measure. As they
begin to depart to find Costa, Namor attacks them both.

Not wanting another battle, Daredevil carefully talks Namor out
of it, promising to keep Mallory from building the Tidal Power Plant.
Namor reluctantly agrees.

Continued to next issue…

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