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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.95 ZIA MAY CATTURATA ant man hulk asgard spider-man 1973


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Ad uso e consumo specifico di chi fino a quel momento era vissuto a paperopoli o tra gli zulu , nella storia principale di Spiderman c’è un breve ma utile riassuntino delle sue origini di ragno con i superpoteri da nerd
contiene inoltre : 
ANT-MAN,  HULK (in occasionale trasferta ad Asgard dove si imbatte nella irritante casta degli Asi nordici, che oziano e gozzovigliano tutto il santo giorno spendendosi i lauti proventi del wellfare scandinavo)


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 94
“On Wings of Death!” / ZIA MAY CATTURATA

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Dealing with the fact that Gwen Stacy has left for England, Peter
Parker roams New York reflecting on his past. He reflects on the events
that gave him spider-powers and how the death of his Uncle Ben led him
to become the super-hero known as Spider-Man. He then reflects on his
career as Spider-Man and his social life up until today. The whole time
he wanders about the city, he remains ignorant of the fact that the
Beetle has escaped from prison and has been robbing various
establishments since his escape.

Peter’s wanderings find him at Aunt May’s house, where he learns
the news about the Beetle, and takes a nap on his aunts couch. After a
dream involving the Beetle, Peter is awoken by Anna Watson, who tells
Peter that Aunt May has been kidnapped by the Beetle while she was out
doing groceries.

Peter slips away and changes into Spider-Man and comes to his
Aunt’s rescue. After a battle with the Beetle, Spider-Man manages to
defeat his foe when he toss the Beetle into a nearby swimming pool. The
weight of the Beetles costume causes him to sink to the bottom, giving
Spider-Man the opportunity to web him up for the authorities.

Changing back into Peter Parker, Spidey checks on his Aunt May to make sure that she’s okay and takes her home.

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 101

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:



Loki hoping to use the Hulk as his pawn to take over Asgard, captures
the unconscious body of Bruce Banner and transforms him into the Hulk
and transports him to Asgard. There the Hulk fights his way past
Heimdal, and enters into Asgard, where he gets into combat with the
Warriors Three. Taking note of the battle raging on Odin summons an army
to also best the Hulk.

However, during the battle with the Warriors Three, the Three
realize that the Hulk doesn’t know how he ended up in Asgard and that
the creature is probably being used as someone elses pawn. When the
Asgardian army arrives, Fandril manages to make them stop. When Loki
arrives to call the Warriors Three cowards, they refuse to be goaded
into battle by Loki, suspecting him to be responsible.

To find out what Hulk is doing in Asgard, the Warriors Three ask
him to follow them to see Oldar the Oracle. However, as the Hulk is
jumping over the bottomless chasm, Loki strikes Hulk with a spell not
wanting the Warriors to know the truth. The spell causes Hulk to change
back into Banner, and fall into the chasm. This story is continued in Incredible Hulk #102.

Marvel Feature Vol 1 6
“Hellstorm!” / UN INFERNO !  (1a parte)

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Orkie (Hank Pym’s Dog)




Henry Pym finally returns to his wrecked lab
and discovers his lovely wife and fellow Avenger, Janet Van Dyne aka The
Wasp, unconscious and about to be impaled by falling shards of
What happened to Janet? Unfortunately, there’s
not much time for answers once the Whirlwind attacks! Ant-Man and the
Wasp successfully repel the mutant speedster twice, but during the
second encounter their house catches on fire! With both tiny avengers
still stuck at miniature size, the battle to escape their burning home
becomes more dangerous than fighting the Whirlwind! Will Hank and Janet
reach safety before everything goes up in flames?   

Continued to next issue… 

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