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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.26 URTO VIOLENTO ant man le origini del dr.strange NO RESA


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contiene inoltre : ANT-MAN e DR. STRANGE (con 2 storie di cui una che ne narra le origini)

e la pin-up de I nemici de L’ Uomo Ragno : KRAVEN


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 32

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




The Master Planner who has been running experiments and stealing radioactive material is actually Doctor Octopus. Meanwhile, Peter Parker is delivering new photos for The Daily Bugle when he’s spotted by Betty Brant. Peter is conflicted by the fact that she loves him but hates Spider-Man and he decides the best thing is to make her angry so she forgets about him. Ned tries to reason with Peter, but he shoves Ned aside and to not burden Betty with his secret. After this, Peter goes to the hospital where he learns Aunt May is dying because of radioactive material in her blood. He figures that she may have received this from him during a blood transfusion. Feeling responsible for not only Uncle Ben’s death but now perhaps Aunt May’s, he’s determined to save her. He realizes Curt Connors may be able to help and he swipes a vial of her blood, and brings it to him for help. Pete raises money to get a serum called ISO-36 which may save Aunt May. As they prepare for its arrival, Dr. Connors is told that it’s been stolen and Spider-Man goes to track it down. Spider-Man tears up countless henchmen hideouts, throwing cars like toys, and finally finds a trap door in an alley. He follows Master Planner’s henchmen to an area where the ISO-36 serum sits unguarded. As he’s shocked off of the ceiling with electricity, he begins a fight with Doctor Octopus who is frightened by the intensity and strength Spider-Man now shows. As he hurls a rock at Doctor Octopus, he destroys a support beam and the entire lab comes crashing down. As he’s trapped underneath a huge and heavy iron unit weighing tons, drops of water come splashing on the canister of ISO-36, with the river slowly flooding the lab.


  • Steve Ditko is credited as the plotter in this issue.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 1

Kraven the hunter / i nemici de L’Uomo Ragno : KRAVEN

A Gallery of Spider-Man’s Most Famous Foes! / character profile / 1 page 


Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Steve Ditko

Content Information

Kraven the hunter

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Tales to Astonish Vol 1 42

The Voice of Doom!” / LA VOCE DELLA MORTE

Featured Characters:


  • The Voice (First appearance)



Soap Box preacher Jason Cragg used to be just an everyday crack pot until the day that his voice began influencing the thoughts of people. Appearing in the city, he begins telling people that Ant-Man is a crook that must be driven from the city. Passing by, Ant-Man hears this insane litany, and is shocked to find that the people around Cragg begin to believe him. Surprising still, it’s something about his voice that’s compelling people to agree with him, Ant-Man however, is shielded because his helmet shields him from the attack.

Flashing back a few weeks past, we learn that Jason Cragg came to the city from the Midwest in hopes of becoming a radio announcer. While giving a pitiful audition, a near-by experimental atomic laboratory has a million-in-one accident that causes an ionized atom to escape into the electrical system, and pass through the microphone that Cragg is speaking into. Cragg finds himself strangely effected, and his ability to voice suggestion becomes apparent when his voice being over the airwaves causes sales to jump three hundred percent at the radio station.

Realizing his voice could mean he would never have to work another day in his life, Cragg’s quits his job at the radio station and soon begins exploiting his powers for his own personal gain. Sometime later, Cragg’s witnesses Ant-Man busting up some criminals, and soon becomes jealous of the crime fighters respect and adulation from the masses. This gives Cragg’s his inspiration to vilify Ant-Man in hopes that he can rule the city.

Returning to the present, we find Ant-Man at a local police precinct being awarded for his meritorious service. As Ant-Man is receiving his commendation, Cragg’s barges in demanding that the hero be arrested, and the police suddenly start trying to capture Ant-Man.

Ant-Man manages to escape the police and attempts to seek refuge in a near-by park, but when Cragg’s enslaved thrall attempts to find him by using magnets, he is forced to remove his helmet to avoid being captured. Cragg’s manages find Ant-Man and forces the tiny hero to listen to his voice. Without his helmet, Ant-Man is helpless from the helmets effects and is ordered to walk off a pier to drown in a near-by harbor.

Ant-Man is saved by his ants at the last minute, shaking off the effects of Cragg’s voice he manages to escape. Returning to his home, and back in his civilian identity, Henry Pym, Ant-Man learns that Cragg’s plans on addressing people on national television. Realizing the damaging potential of Cragg’s voice on national TV, Ant-Man formulates a plan to foil Cragg’s scheme.

Arriving at the TV studio, Ant-Man interrupts Cragg’s television address, and tells the villain that his ant’s are pointing a loaded gun at him. Fearing for his life, Cragg’s agrees to tell the people that Ant-Man is not a crook, but an upstanding hero. Ant-Man then tells Cragg’s that the gun wasn’t really loaded and it was all a trick. Trying to sway the viewing audience to his will again, Cragg’s attempts to re-convince the people that Ant-Man is a crook, but finds that his powers no longer work. Ant-Man reveals that he covered the microphone with Laryngitis microbes and that they have taken effect and effected his voice, rendering it’s suggestive properties useless.

The crowd, thinking Cragg’s some crazy nut, toss him out onto the street.

Strange Tales Vol 1 114

The Return of the Omnipotent Baron Mordo” / IL RITORNO DEL BARONE MORDO

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Karl Mordo calls on Dr. Strange disguised as Strange’s old friend Sir Clive Bentley and asks for help. Strange travels to Bentley’s castle in England. Inside the castle Strange is trapped by the paralyzing vapors of Mordo’s magical candles. The Ancient One contacts Dr. Strange, but Strange wish to overcome Mordo alone. He issues a mental command to a nearby girl to come to the castle and extinguish the candles. The girl is actually Victoria Bentley daughter of Lord Bentley who has been dead for ten years. Mordo returns, attacking Strange with his mental powers and orders Strange to kill Victoria who possesses a latent mystical talent. Just then Strange arrives in his mortal form. it was only his projected image that had been in the castle until then. Strange and Mordo do battle in a mystical dimension until Mordo gives up and disappears. 


  • Dr. Strange reappears in Strange Tales for his third story after a lacuna of two issues.
  • This is the first time the Ancient One appears under that name. Previously he had been called “the Master” 

Strange Tales Vol 1 115

The Origin of Dr. Strange” / LE ORIGINI DEL DR. STRANGE

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Doctor Stephen Strange is a famous surgeon who works only for money, not caring for his patients nor interested in medical research. An auto accident damages the nerves in his hands severely and he can never perform an operation again. The proud Strange refuses to work for others and ends up on the street. He learns about the healing powers of the Ancient One and travels to his sanctuary in India. The Ancient One refuses to heal Strange because of his selfish motives, however sudden snow forces Strange to remain in the sanctuary until the snow thaws. Here he witnesses the Ancient One’s pupil, Baron Mordo, launch magical attacks upon his master. Mordo casts a spell upon Strange to stop him from waring the Ancient One of the attacks’ origins. Strange therefore resolves to learn the secrets of black magics to defeat Mordo himself. The Ancient One accepts Strange as his disciple and dispels Mordo’s spell which he had known about all along. 

  • A more detailed origin of Doctor Strange is next presented in Doctor Strange #169 (in Italy in URC # 1-2).
  • The other doctors in Strange’s origin are unnamed in this comic. They are given names in the 1979 prose novel Nightmare! by William Rotsler. Ziegler is the doctor who congratulated Strange on a successful operation, and then later offered him a position as his consultant and assistant. Noto is the doctor who informed Strange about the damage to his hands. The other doctors are those who tried to enlist Strange’s aid in a charitable cause; Siegel is the one who speaks for the group, while the rest are silent and thus impossible to exactly identify which is which.

  • In his attacks on the Ancient One Baron Mordo calls upon the Vapors of Valtorr and beseechs the aid of Dormammu. This is the first appearance of any of Dr. Strange’s classic spells. Dormammu would not appear in person until Strange Tales #126  (in Italy in URC # 39).
  • the Origin of Doctor Strange story takes place before Strange Tales #110  (in Italy in URC # 24)

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