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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.217 LA MOSCA UMANA iron man sunfire spiderman sole ardente


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all’ interno una lunga storia speciale estesa tratta dal decimo annual, dove la mosca umana (o l’ uomo mosca a seconda dei punti di vista) – in un soggetto che saccheggia con intento palesemente e deliberatamente plagiatorio il B-movie L’ esperimento del Dottor K (The Fly) – però non è ancora Jeff Goldblum ma solo un povero disgraziato di nome Richard Deacon che un bel giorno si trova a dover mangiare più merda del solito, che poi se vogliamo sottilizzare è il ragno quello che mangia la mosca quindi ai sensi della proprietà transitiva nella catena alimentare è lui l’ utilizzatore finale della cacca a scopi nutritivi (ancora una volta la realtà biologica supera in maniera sconcertante la fantasia e l’ immaginazione, neanche il geniale e provocatorio Piero Manzoni – che era arrivato a realizzare e commercializzare scatolette piene di fetida e puzzolente popò d’ artista –  aveva intuito appieno l’ importanza fondamentale e cruciale delle feci nell’ equilibrio dell’ ecosistema e nelle dinamiche dell’ universo)

 contiene inoltre :  IRON-MAN  (opposto fino allo sfinimento all’ ostinato, testardo ed abnegato superpatriota nipponico SUNFIRE / SOLE ARDENTE al quale finalmente le poste imperiali hanno recapitato il telegramma con su scritto che la guerra è finita, ma in compenso deve però recarsi subito a tamponare col proprio corpo le falle radioattive dei reattori di Fukushima )

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Harlan Stillwell (Only appearance; dies)
  • New York policemen
    • Captain Bonner
    • Officer Larsen 
    • Officer Pirelli
    • Officer O’Hara
    • Officer O’Reilly
  • Mr. Levin 
  • Unnamed wealthy girl




Part I of this story is titled “Step into my Parlor…”  (“LA MOSCA UMANA”) . This part of
the story begins with J. Jonah Jameson as usual complaining to City
Editor Joseph Robertson that he has devoted years exposing Spider-Man as
a menace but that the dales figures for the Daily Bugle are dropping.
Robertson says the reason for sales dropping is because of the Daily Globe making a comeback. He further says that the Globe scooped the Bugle on the White Tiger
story and that it has a new publisher in the form of K. J. Clayton.
Just then Peter Parker shows up explains to Jameson that he was sleeping
and is told that he can’t rest and that he should be out taking photos
of Spider-Man. Parker explains to Jameson that he told him not to take
any photos of Spider-Man because they were making him look too
sympathetic. Then Parker puts an idea into Jameson’s head when he tells
him that most of Spider-Man’s regular foes are all in jail. With that
Jameson says he is going out and to put Parker on the list to receive a
cigar scented Christmas card which leaves Robertson and Parker naturally
perturbed at Jameson’s sudden change of nature.
Several hours later at the Waterfront we find the Police facing a
hostage situation lead by Captain Bonner. Soon Spider-Man swings into
action but is not interested in taking photos because it is only “measly
little kidnappers”. By going unnoticed Spider-Man uses a web-line to sneak across into the
building where the kidnappers are. Inside the Kidnappers hold an old man
and a young woman hostage. The leader is Richard Deacon who the rest of
the gang say that Captain Bonner had swore he had gone straight. Suddenly the kidnappers hear a creak upstairs and Deacon sends one of
his henchmen, Chino, to investigate. Chino bursting into an upstairs
room with his gun ready suddenly comes across Spider-Man who makes a
witty remark. Spider-Man webs up Chino’s mouth then webs away his gun and finally knocks him out.
Then Spider-Man comes across the rest of the Gang by accidentally
falling through the floor. He defeats them all except Richard Deacon who
escapes with one of the hostages.

When Deacon and the Hostage are outside the Waterfront building they
are confronted by the Police and Deacon’s old Parole Officer Captain
Bonner. Spider-Man quickly webs away the hostage and Deacon fires wildly
towards the Webslinger.
The Police are quick to fire at Deacon and he falls over the Pier into the water. meanwhile at a secret laboratory further down the Waterfront we find
Jameson talking to a certain Scientist Harlan Stillwell with a request
to create a new superhero. Stillwell reminds Jameson that he also came
to his brother Farley with a similar request which ended up in the creation of the Scorpion which led to his brother’s death. 

Stillwell is in desperate need of funding in order ro carry out this sort of research and accepts Jameson’s offer.  Stillwell’s research involves the common house fly (Musca Domestica)
and the previous conversation about creating a superhero has been heard
from Deacon as he is outside listening in. The seriously wounded Deacon
comes inside and forces Stillwell to experiment on him. With the
experimental equipment quickly setup it is not long before the process
turns has turned Deacon into a human fly signaling the end of Part I.

Part II entitled “…said the Spider to the Fly!” (“…DISSE IL RAGNO ALLA MOSCA !”)  begins with Spider-Man
swinging back to the Daily Bugle Building where we find Robertson
asking Jameson whether he is all right when the Phone rings. On the phone is Stillwell who tells Jameson that something has come up
and that he better hurry over. Jameson again quickly makes his exit from
the Bugle Building and hurries over only to find the lifeless body of
Stillwell. While running from the scene, he is captured by Deacon who has now
assumed the identity of the Fly. The Fly takes Jameson hostage and flies
to the Bugle. At the Bugle building he crashes through the window and
administers his terms in rescuing Jameson that he wants to have a
rematch with Spider-Man. 

Spider-Man manages to fight the Fly and defeat him and get some photos for the Bugle.


  • Harlan Stillwell is the brother of Scorpion creator Farley Stillwell seen in Amazing Spider-Man # 20  (in Italy in URC # 17).
  • The Fly appears next in Amazing Spider-Man # 192 (in Italy in UR SETT # 16)
Iron Man Vol 1 98

Sunfire Strikes Again!” / SOLE ARDENTE COLPISCE ANCORA !  (1a parte)

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:





Tony Stark finishes upgrading his armor. He’s removed the
thermocouple and solar collectors to make room for life-preserving
circuits and electronic storage cells, now that his heart is giving him
trouble again. He can’t leave until his heart is stabilized by the new
suit. Krissy tells Stark that since he’s ignored his congressional
subpoena the media have been lambasting him, but Stark tells her to hold
them off for a while longer. Jasper Sitwell introduces himself to
Krissy, saying he recognizes her from somewhere, as Fujiko and Goro
Watanabe arrive. They’re taken on a tour of Stark International as Stark
talks to the newly awakened O’Brien. It’s explained that Kevin was
Stark’s best friend and even replaced Iron Man as the Guardsman, but the
suit drove him insane. O’Brien still believes Stark is responsible, but
they’re cut short by the attacking Sunfire. With his new suit not yet
charged, Stark dons the Guardsman armor in front of O’Brien to fight
Sunfire. Remembering that Stark has a bad heart, O’Brien decides Stark
is selfless and he was in the wrong. He dons the now charged Iron Man
suit and leaves to help Stark. Stark fights Sunfire, who doesn’t want
Stark International to lend technology to Japan, but his heart gives

Continued to next issue…


  • Professor Watanabe and Fujiko were last seen in Iron Man 30 (in Italy in DEVC # 119). In that issue Professor Watanabe’s first name was determined to be “Goro”.

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