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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.169 E QUALCUNO CADRA' devil black widow man wolf 1976


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contiene inoltre : l’ incredibile DEVIL (sempre assoggettato a Nick Fury e allo S.H.I.E.L.D. ma soprattutto alla bisbetica e dominante VEDOVA NERA) e L’ UOMO LUPO / MAN WOLF (con l’ ogni volta più allupato John Jameson che dopo l’ennesima devastante recidiva non ha ancora preso la saggia decisione di andare a farsi segnare per togliere il malocchio da qualche esperto autorevole e competente come Otelma o il mago do Nascimento)


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Glory Grant (First appearance)
  • wrestling commission (Only in flashback)




Having captured Peter Parker with the help of the Grizzly, the Jackal has Peter strapped to an operating table where they attach a special bracelet that would allow them to learn the true identity of Spider-Man (not realizing that Peter is Spider-Man) and dumping him in an alley.

Being found by Betty and Ned, they take Peter to a diner where he realizes what has been done to him when he goes to the bathroom. There he is told by the Jackal (over the communication device on the bracelet) what they intend to do, and any attempt to remove the bracelet will activate an explosive.

Resuming his civilian life, Peter (with the help of Flash) moves his stuff into his new apartment, and meets his new neighbor Gloria “Glory” Grant. 

That night when finally by himself, Peter uses his scientific skills to remove the device. Free of it’s control, Peter changes into Spider-Man and seeks out Jameson. Startling his bitter foe in his sleep, Spider-Man convinces him to explain why the Grizzly was after him: Year ago, Jameson’s editorials about the Grizzly’s unethical and violent wrestling moves shifted public opinion on the subject. The Wrestling Federation which employed the Grizzly probed into his conduct, and eventually fired him. With the information he needs (including the Grizzly’s real name) Spider-Man leaves Jameson’s home, the whole experience roweling Jameson up once more over Spider-Man’s conduct.

Realizing that someone like the Grizzly would be known around the gyms in the city, Spider-Man asks around until he finds the gym which he used to frequent. Sure enough, the Grizzly is there and the two are locked in a battle. During their fight, Spider-Man realizes that the key to the Grizzly’s superior strength is his costume. He then takes it apart piece by piece, until all that’s left is just Maxwell Markham. 

Spider-Man easily defeats him and leaves him for the authorities to deal with. 

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Other Characters:




With Daredevil defeated at the hands of Blackwing, the Supreme Hydra — revealed to be the crime boss Silvermane — orders them to prepare to deal with SHIELD, who will be on their way shortly. When the Black Widow attempts to attack Blackwing she’s knocked out by Man-Killer, another one of Hydra’s operatives. 

After an argument with Blackwing, Man-Killer is ordered to take the unconscious heroes and the defeated El Jaguar into the lower levels of their secret base.

Meanwhile, Ivan demands that Nick Fury do something to rescue Natasha from Hydra, Fury decides to go with Dum Dum and the Contessa to investigate Shea Stadium. Furious, Ivan decides to follow after them, knowing that Fury is likely going to go wherever Natasha has been taken. Sure enough, Hydra has set up their secret base beneath Shea Stadium. 

Deep below, Silvermane explains that when he took the youth potion that de-aged him to the point where he did not exist, the process then snapped him back to his prime, now revitalized to the peak of his adult years, he then was escaped capture when Hydra agents had come to select him as their new leader.

When Mentallo reports that SHIELD has arrived, Silvermane unleashes an explosive charge that seemingly kills Nick Fury and the others. Horrified by this, Foggy manages to get a gun from one of the Hydra agents and uses it to blast Daredevil and Black Widow’s chains, freeing them. Despite the fact that they are outnumbered and face El Jaguar, Man-Killer, Blackwing, and the Dreadnought, the two heroes are about to attack when suddenly the base is rocked by an explosion. Fury appears on the communication screens announcing that they are alive and well and that the SHIELD agents they thought were destroyed were simply LMD’s.

In the confusion, the Black Widow destroys the Dreadnought by shooting it in its only weak spot. Daredevil then goes up against Jackhammer and easily defeats him. El Jaguar is knocked out by Dum Dum Dugan, and Man-Killer is incapacitated when Ivan places a jamming device on her exoskeleton. With their plan failing, Blackwing and Silvermane make a hurried escape and the remaining Hydra agents are all rounded up and captured.

In the battle’s conclusion, Nick Fury asks Foggy if he would still like to join SHIELD. Surveying the damage, Foggy declines the offer.


  • Man Killer previous appeared in Marvel Team-Up #8 (in Italy in URC #124)
  • Daredevil’s Billy Club was destroyed last issue. He will return with a new one next issue.
  • This issue is dedicated to Vanessa Nicola Hudak. 
Full Moon, Dark Fear!” / LUNA PIENA, LUNA DI PAURA !  (2a parte)

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Lisa
  • Ed




Continued from last issue…
Stroud then drove to John’s apartment and investigated the crime scene. Strolling through the city Stroud found Man-Wolf attacking two robbers and he shot Man-Wolf, who fled from Stroud. Stroud followed him and took a boat to the Statue of Liberty where Man-Wolf had fled to. On top of the Statue of Liberty’s torch Man-Wolf jumped at Stroud after another shot, but Stroud ducked and watched Man-Wolf fall into the ocean to his apparent death. 
He was sure that Man-Wolf had not survived the fall and intended to close the case.

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