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I FANTASTICI QUATTRO 4 corno N.43 LA VALLE SEGRETA cap.marvel dr.destino inumani


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prima serie Editoriale Corno


Contiene inoltre : CAPITAN MARVEL – DOTTOR DESTINO  (il beffardo ed ubiquo TESCHIO ROSSO appare – di riffa o di raffa, in entrambe le storie)


Fantastic Four Vol 1 47

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Atmo-Gun


  • Private jet


The Human Torch and the Thing fly off to confront the Dragon Man,
leaving Reed and Sue in the Seeker’s Fortress to look after Triton.
Without water to revitalize him, Triton is quickly suffocating. Sue
erects a force field around his body to keep him steady, while Reed
pumps water from a fire hose into the bubble to replenish him.

Outside, the Thing and the Torch tangle with the Dragon Man. The
Dragon Man slaps the Thing with his tail, sending him crashing through
the window of Alicia Masters’ studio apartment. Johnny continues the
fight and changes his heat blasts to ultra violet radiation.
Intensifying the heat, he weakens the Dragon Man and the creature
eventually falls down unconscious.

Back at the Fortress, the Seeker arranges to collect Triton. Reed
has succeeded in saving Triton’s life, but he is reluctant to interfere
with Inhuman law. Sue pressures him to do something, but Reed snaps at
her. Before the Seeker takes Triton away, Reed secretly plants a homing
device on the Inhuman.

Meanwhile, the Royal Family of the Inhumans returns to their home
land, the Great Refuge. The reigning king, Maximus, learns of their
arrival and unleashes the Alpha Primitives to combat them. Maximus is
the brother of Black Bolt. Black Bolt flies directly into the Primitives
sending them scattering. After a brief battle, Maximus enters the
chamber and apologizes for the effrontery. He claims that the Alpha
Primitives had escaped on their own. Realizing that he cannot hope to
win out over Black Bolt’s courageousness, Maximus hands the crown of
leadership over to his brother.

The Fantastic Four take a private jet to the Andes Mountains and
locate the Great Refuge. They set down and Reed and Sue bicker some
more. Sue decides to change her hairstyle to get Reed to notice her

They eventually come upon the Royal Family. Crystal and Johnny
are reunited, but Black Bolt stands ready for battle. Speaking for her
liege, Medusa declares that non-Inhumans are not welcome in the Great
Refuge. Reed says that the Inhumans should not have to live in
seclusion, and should live alongside the rest of humanity.

Meanwhile, Maximus retires to his laboratory. He preps his Atmo-Gun and declares that he will use it to destroy all of humanity.


  • First appearance of the Inhuman, Aireo.
  • First appearance of the Alpha Primitives.
  • First appearance of Maximus. Revealed as Black Bolt’s brother in this issue.
  • Dragon Man appears next in Avengers #41 (in Italy in THC # 48).
  • Maximus appears next in Fantastic Four #52 (in Italy in F4C # 48).
  • Triton’s inability to breath has been a handicap since he was exposed to the Terrigen Mists as explained in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11.
  •  After his defeat here, the Dragon Man is taken into the custody of the Avengers member Goliath as seen in Avengers #41 (in Italy in THC #48).
  • The home of the Inhumans is referred to as the Great Refuge here, as it is most commonly called. It’s official named is Attilan as revealed in Thor #146 (in Italy in THC #46).
  • It is later revealed in Inhumans Special #1 (unpublished in Italy) that Maximus seized the Inhuman throne by creating the Trikon, a powerful creature spawned from three Alpha Primitives exposed to the Terrigen Mist. While the rest of the Royal Family was busy fighting this menace, Maximus sized the throne.
  • The Alpha Primitives are a genetically modified slave class among Inhuman society. This was first specifically cited in Fantastic Four #132 (in Italy in F4C #130).
  • Karnak’s abilities displayed here are not the product of being exposed to the Terrigen Mist, but his training as a monk as revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #3
  • Maximus is called insane in this story, and rightly so. He was driven mad after hearing his brother Black Bolt’s scream as seen in Avengers #95 (in Italy in THC #63).
  • As revealed in Fantastic Four #59 (in Italy in F4C #56), the reason why Black Bolt cannot speak is due to the fact that his voice is so powerful a mere whisper can level a mountain. His origins are explored in Thor #148 (in Italy in THC #47).
  • The Invisible Girl changes her hairstyle in this issue. She will maintain this same hairstyle until John Byrne’s second run on the Fantastic Four series beginning with Fantastic Four #232 (in Italy in F4ST #4).
  • The flying Inhuman that the Fantastic Four first encounter as they reach Attilan was later identified as Aerio in Incredible Hulk King-Size Special Annual #1  (in Italy in FFONLY #3). 


Captain Marvel Vol 1 16

“Behind the Mask of Zo!” / DIETRO LA MASCHERA DI ZO ! (2a parte)

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





Continued from last issue…

Before Ronan can kill Mar-Vell in combat, the Supreme Sentry arrives
and banishes Ronan.
The Supreme Sentry then transports Mar-Vell to the planet Hala and
brings him before the Supreme Intelligence. The Surpeme Intelligence
tells Mar-Vell that he was being manipulated, and that Zo was really
Zarek who was working with the Ronan the Accuser to try use Mar-Vell as a
tool to overthrow the Kree empire and take over for themselves.

When Zarek tries to kill the Supreme Intelligence with a Negatron
Sphere, Mar-Vell shields the blast with his body and miraculously

In payment for his willingness to sacrifice himself for the
Supreme Intelligence, the Intelligence endows Mar-Vell with a new
costume and new powers and allows him to return to Earth to get revenge
against Yon-Rogg. However, flying on his way to Earth, Mar-Vell suddenly
finds himself pulled into the Negative Zone.


  • Although not identified, upon his transformation by the Supreme Intelligence, Mar-Vell appears to have Nega-Bands on his uniform.
  • Although there are other versions of the Kree Sentries, this is the only appearance of the “Supreme” Sentry.
Captain Marvel Vol 1 17

“And a Child Shall Lead You!” / E UN BIMBO TI GUIDERA’ !  (1a parte)

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Trapped in the Negative Zone, Mar-Vell
is told by the Supreme Intelligence that he is trapped in this realm due
to his blind quest for revenge against Yon-Rogg. However, he offers
Mar-Vell a way to potentially free himself and directs his mind towards
Earth and to the plight of young Rick Jones, who had just been rejected
by his partner Captain America (unknown to Rick, Cap had been forcefully
switched bodies with the Red Skull)

Continued to next issue…


  • The Red Skull appears in this issue under the guise/appearance
    of Captain America. Events from this issue draw directly from the
    storyline in Captain America #114Captain America #116 (in Italy in CAPC # 30-32).

The Invaders!” / GLI INVASORI !

Featured Characters:





After crushing the rebellion to seize
his throne, Dr. Doom orders the people of Latveria to return to their
home and rebuild everything at it once was, an order the fearful
citizens comply with. Deciding not to stay in Latveria for the
reconstruction, Doom leaves only wishing to return once his castle has
been rebuilt.

As Doom rockets off to the Riviera, he is unaware that the goings
on in Latveria have been monitored by the Red Skull and his group of
Exiles. The Skull intends on taking over Latveria, in order to take
advantage of it’s status with the United Nations as part of a plot to
initiate a Fourth Reich. As Doom vacations and easily dispatches some
would-be thieves, the Red Skull and his Exiles manage to easily take
over Latveria, it’s human resistance easily quelled.

As Dr. Doom grows weary of being on vacation and the treatment he
is receiving from the owners of the hotel where he is staying, Doom
angrily totals their gambling room when it’s suggested that he may use
equipment in his armor to win at roulette. Furious Doom decides to
return to his home, completely unaware that the Red Skull’s invasion was
a complete success and the Exiles have converted the place into an
image of Nazi Germany.

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