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CAPITAN AMERICA corno N.46 ASSALTO A CAP x-men avengers hulk origini iceman 1975


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l’ episodio principale di CAP si apre con una bella scazzottata tra lui e Hulk, che in realtà non fa parte della trama della storia ma si tratta di un film di repertorio che intrattiene, allieta ed esalta al cinema i giovani americani che così crescono belli, intelligenti, sani e soprattutto democratici, tolleranti e pluralisti, la stessa cosa del resto accadeva parallelamente qui in Italia solo che noi anzichè fascisti/imperialisti eravamo democristiani/cattocomunisti e quindi guardavamo Terence Hill e Bud Spencer, ognuno del resto ha i supereroi che si merita

contiene : X-MEN in un episodio regolare che crossoverizza con I VENDICATORI / AVENGERS + la ottava storia breve del ciclo di backup con le origini uno per uno dei mutanti (in questo numero il Professor Xavier si accinge a completare il reclutamento del secondo fesso, per la precisione il malcapitato Bobby Drake detto ICEMAN / L’ UOMO-GHIACCIO)



Captain America Vol 1 130
Up Against the Wall” / ASSALTO A CAP !

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Peter Parker (Cameo)
  • Hulk (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)
  • a tv producer


  • An un-named college



After rescuing a dean from a student riot, Cap is asked to make a PSA
condemning the students for rioting. Although he mentions that violence
shouldn’t be the answer, he mostly condemns the dean. When he goes off
script, the Hood hires Batroc’s Brigade to take him out, but Cap easily
defeats them.

  • Baron Strucker (The Hood) returns without explanation from his apparent death in Strange Tales #158 (in Italy in DEVC #60). The Hood’s identity is revealed in next issue. It was later revealed that it was an LMD (in Captain America # 274, unpublished in Italy). 
X-Men Vol 1 45
When Mutants Clash!” / SCONTRO TRA MUTANTI !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




The X-Men are prisoners of Magneto, and while Angel has been sent
off to get the aid of the Avengers, Cyclops has been trying to break
free of his restrains. Using his optic blast, he manages to break the
shield that has been put over his visor and manages to blast off his
shackles. Rushing off to find the other X-Men, he finds Jean locked in a
cell but finds that she is in a trance of some kind and is of no use to
her, so he begins searching for the other X-Men. Spotted by the Toad,
Cyclops attempts to stop the evil mutant, however he manages to flee the
scene to warn Magneto, leaving Cyclops to rush and find Beast and

As Angel arrives in New York, while recounting his encounter with
the old World War II hero the Red Raven, Cyclops continues to search
for his captive friends. Cyclops is spotted and approached by
Quicksilver, who attempts to talk to Cyclops, however Cyclops attacks
instead. Meanwhile Toad is reporting back to Magneto about Cyclops’
escape. Magneto blasts Toad with a magnetic jolt and is about to kill
his useless minion when the Toad’s pleas for mercy disgusts Magneto into
deciding that the Toad is not worth killing in order to focus on other

The battle between Quicksilver and Cyclops takes a brief pause
and Pietro attempts to convince Scott to join the Brotherhood and see
the error in defending the humans. When Cyclops refuses to give up
Xavier’s teachings, the two resume their fight when Quicksilver resumes
the attack on Cyclops.

Witnessing the battle through his control monitor, Magneto
bellows over Quicksilver’s inability to destroy Cyclops. When Wanda
enters the room and sees the battle happening she asks Magneto to
intervene, a request that Magneto refuses. The battle quickly ends when
Cyclops knocks out Quicksilver with his optic blast. Trying in vain to
revive the mutant speedster so he might learn where his fellow X-Men
are, he is interrupted by the arrival of the Avengers.

This story is continued in Avengers #53.. (in Italy in THC # 65).

X-Men Vol 1 45

And the Mob Cried…Vengeance!” le origini dei favolosi X-Men : LA FOLLA GRIDA… VENDETTA !

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Nassau County sheriff
  • Unnamed members of a New York mob



  • Suzy (a motorboat)


Cyclops is attempting to break young Bobby Drake out of jail
after he’s been arrested for defending himself against a school bully
with his mutant powers. However, Bobby, trusting in the justice system,
refuses to leave with Cyclops knowing that the courts will find him
innocent. However, the townspeople have other ideas in mind, namely
lynching the young mutant so that they do not have to deal with his
menace again.

As a mob organizes and prepares to attack, Cyclops goads Bobby
into a fight, knocking them out into the streets where they begin to
fight each other before the gathered crowd. When Bobby manages to get a
moment to get away from Cyclops, the young boy flees to the docks with
Scott and the mob following. When the mob attempts to shoot both
mutants, Cyclops uses his optic blast to break the pier and land the mob
into the water.

Catching up with Bobby, their fight resumes and the two fight to a
stand still ending with both collapsing out of breath. With their guard
down, one of the men in the mob manages to get the drop on Bobby with a
gun trained on him ready to fire. 

Adventures into Weird Worlds Vol 1 16
“The Old Man’s Secret !”


A wealthy matron admires the exquisite “weather house” made
by Mr. Abel. She sees how the “old lady” is chasing after “the thief”
and compliments the artist on the end result.

The matron remembers how as a little girl, her father had a “weather
house” in the parlor. She was impressed by its ability to predict the
weather. When the old lady ran out of the house, the child knew that it
would be fair weather. When the old man emerged, it would mean foul
weather. Jakob Abel listens to his customer’s words, while in the rear
workroom, his apprentice watches the transaction. The matron is
impressed by the exquisite craftsmanship, but is put off by the grotesque
scene of the “weather house” itself. This is his most recent work, and
Jakob has been having difficulties finding the proper materials. When he
asks her if she’d rather not buy it, the wealthy matron is more than
happy to pay the steep price. As she hands Jakob the money, the
apprentice is also impressed by how much money the small house has

The germ of a thought has begun its work in the mind of Hans. As the old
man counts out the three hundred and twenty-five dollars, the apprentice
decides to have a word with his master. Hans would like to learn how to
carve the houses and the little people, too. Jakob Abel knows how well
his apprentice’s hands and head work. Although he is good enough to be a
flunky and errand boy, Hans will be only be able to handle some basic
carving. The apprentice knows that he could do such work if he only knew
the secret. The old man could teach him how to do statues, but not the
little people. It is a method that Jakob Abel will never trust with
anyone else. Hans believes that his master doesn’t want him to have more
money, but he will find out the old man’s secret … any way possible.

Jakob Abel’s secret is an idea which find itself taking up space in the
mind of the apprentice. He barely hears when the old man tells him to
stay out of his private workshop. Hans figures that the secret must be
kept there, but Jakob has the key to the locked room. In order for the
flunky to realize his fortune, Hans must head for the workshop. As he
heads down the back alley, the errand boy notices for the first time how
scary things look at night. Entering through an unlocked window, Hans is
already having second thoughts about stealing the old man’s key. He
cannot turn back now, then opens the door, and enters into an empty room.
The apprentice has only found an empty “weather house,” but no little
people in sight.

In anger, Hans searches through everything, and figures that Jakob Abel
had lied to him. When the errand boy decides to try feeling the walls in
hopes of uncovering a secret panel, he hears the voice behind him telling
him that there’s nothing left to find. Seeing the apprentice in his
secret workshop, the old man has decided to reveal his secret. A tearful
Hans tries to tells his master that he doesn’t want to learn anything,
but it is too late. There is a scream that evening, then all is silent.
The next morning finds another customer searching for a “weather house”
even better than that of Mrs. Van Kuyper. Jakob Abel admits that she has
had much luck in acquiring such a piece. Although the proper materials
are hard to find, the old man sees that the matron will be quite taking
by the “windmill” and the little person that comes out of it. Its human
features and expression makes her wonder if it shouldn’t be breathing.

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