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CAPITAN AMERICA corno N.11 IN TRAPPOLA originale 1973 x-men vendicatori avengers


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contiene inoltre :  X – MEN  nel loro primo storico team-up con (tro) I VENDICATORI


If Bucky Lives…!” / IN TRAPPOLA !

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:




At Avengers Mansion, Captain America receives a distress call from
somebody who appears to be Bucky, telling Cap that he’s a prisoner on
Gull Island. As Cap races to the rescue, little does he know that the
owner of the high tech base there has just recruited the Swordsman and
Power Man to face off against Captain America upon his arrival.

Arriving there, Captain America must then face off against both
costumed villains in order to save Bucky’s life. Easily defeating them,
Captain America next finds himself trapped in an indestructible
transparent bubble. Now a helpless prisoner, the Swordsman and
Powerman’s employer reveals himself to Captain America… This story is
continued next issue..


Featured Characters:


  • Red Skull 
  • Red Skull’s armored robot
  • Bucky Barnes (Robot) (Destroyed)


  • Sea Gull Island



Last issue, Captain America answered a distress call to Gull Island from
somebody who appeared to be his old partner Bucky, after fighting the
Swordsman and Powerman he was revealed who had hired them: The Red

Shocked over the Skull’s apparent resurrection, the Skull
explains that during their last encounter, although he lost contact with
the Cosmic Cube, and unable to find it at the oceans floor, he willed
it to provide him with enough oxygen to get out of his armor and swim to
the surface, where he then went to Gull Island, which was a secret Nazi
hideout built by Hitler during the war.

Wanting to savor Cap’s destruction, he puts the hero in a arena
where he is forced to fight robots and various other traps until he is
confronted by Bucky himself. Fighting, Cap easily defeats “Bucky” who
turns out to be just a robot created by the Red Skull. Before Cap can do
anything, the Red Skull initiates walls that close in, threatening to
crush Captain America. 

“The Uncanny Threat of…Unus, the Untouchable!” / UNUS , L’ INTOCCABILE !  (2a parte)

Featured Characters:



  • Corner of Broadway & 46th St



  • X-Men’s twin-rotor helicopter


Continued from last issue…

Beast explains that the device is designed to increase Unus’
powers, so the X-Men attack him believing that he has joined the
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Beast tries to explain his strategy but
the others won’t listen, so he grabs his device and jumps out the
window. At the gym, Beast uses the device on Unus causing his powers to
increase. The X-Men arrive at the gym and find that Unus’ has already
been given increased powers.

At first he is very pleased with his stronger powers, but quickly
realizes that he can no longer control them. He quickly learns that he
cannot touch anything, including food and the telephone to call Magneto
and Mastermind. Beast makes a deal with Unus to reverse the device’s
effects as long as he does not join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
Unus agrees and returns to his wrestling career after being treated, and
Beast returns to being a member of the X-Men. 

Enter, the Avengers” / ED ECCO I VENDICATORI !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Matilda & Samuel, a couple on cruise-ship


  • Lucifer’s hidden cavern



  • Unnamed freighter
  • Professor X’s cave-exploring wheelchair


In the Northern Atlantic a freighter is on a collision course with an
iceberg. Suddenly two red beams of light shoot out from the front of
the ship and destroy the iceberg. Scott Summers and the rest of the
X-Men head back to their cabin before anyone can see where the strange
light came from. The X-Men attend to Scott who became weary after
having to use his powers so rigorously. Scott then explains to the
other X-Men that Professor Xavier had told him to come to Europe.

Suddenly another transmission from Professor Xavier comes in telling his students that he has located his foe, Lucifer
in a cave in the Balkans. He tells the X-Men that he wants them to
come to the cave so that if he is unable to stop Lucifer, then they can
finish him off instead. Professor Xavier begins to make his way into
the cave, but is engulfed by a cyclone that places him right in front of
Lucifer. Professor Xavier pulls a gun on Lucifer, but learns that if
he pulled the trigger the world would be doomed.

The X-Men arrive in a Bavarian Village where they are met by the
Avengers. The Avengers inform them that they are there investigating
strange vibrations in the ground detected by Thor’s hammer. Lucifer
reveals to Professor Xavier that he has built a thermal detonator
attached to his heartbeat so that if he were harmed or killed, it would
blow up causing worldwide damage. Lucifer knows that the X-Men have
arrived in Europe so he fires an ionic ray at them. Professor Xavier is
able to warn his students of the incoming ray so that they are able to
dodge it. The X-Men are told of Lucifer’s bomb and that Lucifer cannot
be harmed. The Avengers arrive at the cave, but refuse to listen to the
X-Men’s explanation of why Lucifer cannot be harmed. A battle between
the two groups ensues.

Lucifer begins to laugh after seeing the two groups fighting each
other. Professor Xavier uses the distraction to his advantage by
knocking Lucifer unconscious without changing his heartbeat. Professor
Xavier alerts Thor as to what has been happening. Thor informs the rest
of the Avengers of Lucifer’s defeat, so they depart.

Professor Xavier leads the X-Men to his location so that they can
defuse the bomb. Professor Xavier uses his powers to detect the bomb’s
weak point and orders Cyclops to use his power full force but in a
hairline beam on the weak spot. The bomb is diffused just before
Lucifer wakes up. Lucifer tells them that it took him 10 years to make
the bomb. Professor Xavier says that he lost the permanent use of his
legs, but Lucifer only suffered a minor setback, then the X-Men leave
Lucifer alone in his own cave.


  • In X-Men #1  (in Italy in CAPC # 1-2),
    Professor Xavier says that he lost the use of his legs in a childhood
    accident. The full origin of how Professor Xavier lost the use of his
    legs is given in X-Men #20 (in Italy in CAPC # 22).
  • The Avengers appear in the pages of this series for the first time. The Beast will join the Avengers in Avengers #137  (in Italy in THC # 163).


  • The issue states that Professor X is located underneath the
    Balkan Mountains. Then the story takes place in a Bavarian village and
    says the Professor is below them in the mountainside, presumably the
    Bavarian Alps. These are two different locations. Bavaria located in
    Germany and Bulgaria in the Balkans.

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