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L’ UOMO RAGNO corno N.75 VIA AL CAOS 1973 the hulk doctor dottor dr. strange





contiene inoltre :  HULK , DR.STRANGE 

Per la copertina di questo numero è stata usata una pin-up tratta dall’ interno dell’ annual # 4 e riadattata (nell’immagine originale al
posto della scritta c’era un folto gruppo di personaggi Marvel sollevati
da Spidey)


Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 4.jpg


Pages: 1

Description: Spider-Man compares his strength to the Hulk, Hercules, Thor, Sub-Mariner and Thing.


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 74.jpg

If This Be Bedlam!” / VIA AL CAOS !


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Silvermane has demanded that Curt
Connors assist in deciphering the tablet that he has stolen. Connors is
locked in the room with the Kingpin’s henchman Wilson. The stress of the
whole episode causes Curt to begin to change into the Lizard, a
transformation he can suppress with great difficulty.

When Silvermane’s mouthpiece Caesar Cicero kidnaps the Connors
family, Spider-Man tracks him down and fights off his Maggia thugs.
However Cicero manages to escape and when he sets off a bomb in his
hideout, he (incorrectly) believes Spider-Man to be dead. Resuming his
identity of Peter Parker because he has to attend class, Peter is
distant to everyone who tries to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Connors and Wilson have cracked the secret of the
tablet, and provided what Silvermane seeks: A potion which will reverse
the aging process and make him a young man once more. When Silvermane
ingests the potion he passes out. When Marko believes that Connors
really poisoned Silvermane, he is about to pummel the scientist when
suddenly Silvermane rises announcing that the potion worked. Marko looks
over his shoulder and sees that Silvermane has been reduced in age to a
man in his prime.


Tales to Astonish Vol 1 70.jpg


To Live Again!” / RIVIVERE !


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:



While preparing yet another device to destroy the Hulk, Ross fumes
over the loss of the Absorbatron, and the apparent death of Bruce
Banner, when one of his subordinates informs him that Banner’s body has
gone missing. Elsewhere in the desert, Rick Jones takes the inert body
of Bruce Banner to Banner’s hidden laboratory and bombards it with more
Gamma radiation in hopes of reviving Banner. Banner’s body turns into
the Hulk and revives, where Rick is startled to learn that the Hulk has
retained Banner’s mind. To make matters worse, Banner informs Rick that
if he were to change back into his human form he would surely die and
decides to find a way to make his change into the Hulk perminent.

Elsewhere the Leader is contacted by his employers, who berate
the Leader for his failure to obtain the Absorbatron. The Leader offers
them an even greater weapon for a million dollars, however the
Communists are not sold and tell the Leader that he will only get the
money if he proves his claims by destroying a missile base. The Leader
agrees and unleashes his latest creation: A gigantic Humanoid which he
sends into the desert to go and destroy the nearby missile base. All
opposition in its path are unable to destroy the gigantic humanoid.

Meanwhile, at the Nevada military base, Glenn Talbot tells Betty
of Banner’s apparent demise and the suspicion that he may have been a
traitor to his country. Both are unaware that the Hulk had arrived on
the base and has been listening in on their conversation. The Hulk
concludes that in the state that he is in, he will let Betty believes
what she may so that she may live a normal life without the Hulk.

Just then, the humanoid arrives at the base and begins its
attack. The military’s counter attack does not work, and the Hulk bounds
in to try and stop the creature itself. However, the Hulk’s strength is
still not enough to defeat the creature either. Undaunted, the Hulk
tries again and starts bounding towards the humanoid. At that moment,
Ross has ordered their new “Sunday Punch” super-missile be deployed
against the creature. Overhearing this, Rick tries to warn the Hulk, but
Banner chooses to ignore Rick’s pleas and continues on his path to
destroy the humanoid. This story is continued next issue….

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 71.jpg


Like a Beast At Bay!“/ COME UNA BESTIA NEL SACCO ! (1a parte)

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:



With the Hulk about to attack the gigantic humanoid, Rick rushes to
stop the Hulk before he gets caught in the explosion of the giant
“Sunday Punch” missile deployed by General Ross. Hulk finally hears
Rick’s warning and he grabs the boy and tries to escape. The missile
meets its mark, hitting the humanoid and exploding, and while Rick and
the Hulk were clear of the explosion itself the two are rocked by the
shockwave. Landing on a plateau, Hulk realizes that Rick has been
knocked unconscious and performs CPR on the boy to revive him.

Elsewhere, the Leader watches on his monitor as his gigantic
humanoid is toppled.

Continued to next

Strange Tales Vol 1 163.jpg


Three Faces of Doom!” / I TRE VOLTI DEL DESTINO !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:



The Living Tribunal, learning the excess evil mystical energy has
been absorbed into the staff of Nebulos, the Tribunal seeks to destroy,
however needing the staff for it’s own purposes Nebulos refuses to give
it up. As the two beings battle it out, Dr. Strange tries to stop them
from destorying each other fearing that Nebulos’ destruction would lead
to never knowing where Nebulos sent Victoria Bentley.

Temporarily taken out of battle the Tribunal, Dr. Strange fights
off the pain causing creature the Tribunal created to keep Strange at
bay. Strange then grabs the staff from Nebulos just as the Tribunal had
successfully burried the creature in falling rock from a destroyed
mountain. Strange hands over the staff to the Tribunal, who in thanks
transports Strange to the location of Victoria Bentley.

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