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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.24 GLI ARTIGLI DEL GATTO 1971 ant-man dottor dr. strange


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contiene inoltre :  ANT-MAN , DR.STRANGE (nella primissima apparizione assoluta del 1963 / first appearing)

e la pin-up de I nemici de L’ Uomo Ragno : GREEN GOBLIN



condizioni ECCELLENTI (o anche EDICOLA e/o MAGAZZINO) = si intende un oggetto nuovo e perfetto oppure usato senza difetti e praticamente ancora come nuovo, tenendone per quest’ultimo caso in conto ovviamente la datazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 8,5 e 9,8 (non assegniamo punteggi superiori a 9,8 perchè trattasi di tipi ideali a ns avviso più teorici e scolastici che reali e concreti, ogni manufatto umano in natura ha una percentuale insita e congenita seppur infinitesimale di imperfezione)

condizioni OTTIME = oggetto nuovo (o talora anche usato ma maneggiato e conservato con molta cura) in cui non si riscontra alcun difetto rilevante e degno di nota, tutt’al più qualche minimo segno di lettura o di uso ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 7 e 8,5

condizioni BUONISSIME = oggetto usato (ed in taluni casi anche fondo di magazzino soggetto a piccole usure del tempo) con lievi imperfezioni e difetti poco vistosi, generalmente molto marginali ed appena percepibili ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 5,5 e 7

condizioni MOLTO BUONE = oggetto usato con imperfezioni vistose e difetti abbastanza spiccati, pur se non completamente invalidanti (generalmente specificati nel dettaglio alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto); corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 4 e 5,5

condizioni PIU’ CHE BUONE / MEDIOCRI = oggetto usato con imperfezioni e difetti evidenti, smaccati, madornali ed invalidanti, assolutamente non collezionabile tuttavia idoneo per la semplice lettura o documentazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale inferiore a 4

per eventuali ulteriori dettagli aggiuntivi e specifici si prega di fare sempre riferimento alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto

Per questa prima edizione italiana non è stata usata la cover originale americana ma una pin-up page di Steve Ditko uscita all’ interno di Amazing Spider-Man # 21

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 30

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Betty is slowly getting better and Aunt May sounds better, so Spider-Man decides to prowl around the city. He doesn’t notice a man scaling a building who calls himself Cat Burglar breaking into an apartment. He breaks a safe open and leaves unnoticed. The apartment belongs to J. Jonah Jameson. who puts a reward of $1,000 for his capture. While swinging around, Spider-Man learns of the reward and goes to Jameson to antagonize and tease him. Jameson, so fearful of paying Spider-Man, assigns Frederick Foswell to find Cat Burglar first. As Peter Parker goes out, he runs into Liz Allan who is in a hurry and tells Peter that Flash Thompson has been following her trying to learn where she works. Peter stalls Flash and then misdirects him. Peter is still concerned about Betty and calls to meet her. She drops a bombshell saying that Ned has proposed to her. Peter is ready to tell her about Spider-Man, when she explains that she wants a stable home life without excitement and danger that an adventurer or a hero like Spider-Man would have. Peter, hurt by her subtle rejection of him leaves her in tears when he storms out. Though Peter returns home, Betty calls so much that he realizes he must clear his head and go out and fight crime. As he does, police have cornered the Cat Burglar and Spider-Man makes chase. Cat Burglar gets Spider-Man off balance and tries to bring a water tower crashing down on him. As Cat Burglar flees, police corner him on the roof, and he throws a smoke grenade to hide inside a chimney where police eventually arrest him. Peter is dejected and cuts short any attempt of conversation by Betty as he sells more pictures to Jameson. 


Steve Ditko is credited as the plotter for this issue.

Betrayed By the Ants!” / TRADITO DALLE FORMICHE

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




A group of mobsters, afraid to commit crimes in fear of getting captured by Ant Man come to the realization that they don’t have the intelligence to defeat their foes. Days later they learn of a scientist known as “Egghead” who was discharged from the U.S. Government Atomic Energy Board under allegations that he was selling government secrets to the highest bidder. The mobsters then hire Egghead to find a way to defeat Ant Man, Egghead agrees to do so for the price of ten grand.

Egghead begins by learning everything he can about ants and constructing a device that could communicate with ants via electrical impulses (much like Ant Man’s helmet.) Using this device on a near-by ant hill, Egghead commands the ants there to lure Ant Man into a trap that he has set for the hero.

Returning to the mobsters hide out, he reveals to them that he plans on trapping Ant Man on fly paper and tells them that while Ant Man is being lured to the trap they can conduct the jewel heist they were planning.

Ant Man, being led to the scene of the crime by his ants, is blow into a box lined with fly paper by Egghead using a bellows. Surprisingly, Ant Man is not stuck on the paper and uses spring loaded boots to hop out of the trap and attack the mobsters, whom he easily defeats with his human sized strength.

While the crooks are distracted, Ant Man commands his ants to trap them by dropping a large sheet of fly paper that they ants carried up the ceiling and dropped on them from overhead. The escaping crooks find that their getaway vehicle has had the tires flattened and the keys stolen and are quickly rounded up by the police, Egghead manages to escape.

Overhearing Ant Man’s explanation to the police, Egghead learns that the ants did not betray Ant Man and told him of Egghead’s plot, allowing him to prepare for the trap by instructing his ants to sabotage the crooks escape car and having the necessary equipment to overcome Egghead’s traps.

Although Egghead escapes, his defeat causes him to go into hiding until he finally becoming a rambling derelict in a Bowery flophouse.

The Green Goblin / i nemici de L’Uomo Ragno : GOBLIN

A Gallery of Spider-Man’s Most Famous Foes! / character profile / 1 page 


Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Steve Ditko

Content Information

Green Goblin

The Vengeance of the Scarlet Beetle!” / LA VENDETTA DEL COLEOTTERO ROSSO

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Receiving emergency impulses from his devices from his ants, Ant Man decides to investigate what appears to be problems in the insect world. There he finds an irradiated beetle, able to communicate telepathically. The Scarlet Beetle, mutated by exposure to radiation, plans to destroy the human race with the help of all the insects in his thrall (beetles, wasps, grasshoppers etc.)
Seeing Ant Man as a potential obstacle in this plot, he orders his insects to capture him, remove his helmet and toss him in a pit that he cannot climb out himself. Stealing Ant Man’s size changing gas, the Scarlet Beetle exposes itself to Ant Man’s growth gas and grows to human size. He then orders the insects on a campaign of terror, attacking humanity at all levels: knocking down hydro poles, stealing dynamite, and striking people ill with spider bites.

Meanwhile, although not on Ant Man’s head, his helmet sends out a signal that alerts his ants of his location, the ants arrive and help Ant Man out of the pit. Regaining his helmet, he and his army of ants face off against the Scarlet Beetle’s army of assorted insects, defeating them with honey, a water fountain and DDT spray.

Furious that his army was so easily defeated, the Scarlet Beetle is goaded into chasing Ant Man into a nearby toy store. Inside Ant Man manages to fight off the Scarlet Beetle long enough to secure a javelin from a toy knight and use it to pierce the shrinking gas canister that the Beetle wore around its body. Exposed to the gas once more, the Scarlet Beetle reduces back to his original size and is easily defeated by Ant Man who traps the Beetle inside a deflated balloon.

Having the Scarlet Beetle decontaminated of radiation, it resumes its normal intelligence and abilities, Hank Pym releases it back into his back yard.


  • The Scarlet Beetle appears next in Iron Man #44(in Italy in URC #91).

Dr. Strange Master of Black Magic!” / DR. STRANGE MAESTRO DELLE ARTI MISTICHE

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Wong (First appearance) (not named)
  • Unnamed Customer
    • Mr. Crang (Vision hunting Dr. Strange’s customer)



  • Magic amulet


A man tormented by nightmares comes to Dr. Strange to seek aid. Dr. Strange promise to help. He travels spirit form to his old master who lives in a remote mountain temple in Asia. The master tells Strange to depend on his magic amulet if danger threatens. Back in his mortal form Strange visits the man he has promised to help. When the man falls asleep Dr. Strange enters his dream in spiritual form. Inside the dream Strange is met by a figure bound in chains who presents himself as Mr. Crang. Then another form appears, Nightmare, Strange’s ancient foe. Meanwhile the dreaming man awakes. He realizes the dreams are caused by all men he has ruined. He grabs a gun to shoot Dr. Strange who is kept from reuniting with his mortal form by Nightmare. Dr. Strange uses his amulet to call upon his master who plazes a hypnotic spell on the man. Dr. Strange slips out of the dream dimension to grab the gun before removing the hypnotic spell. The man confesses his crimes. 

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