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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.171 IL TOCCO DI MIDA falcon iron man spider-man uomo lupo


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il partner superabbronzato che spalleggia Spider-Man nel multietnico episodio principale di questo numero è FALCON, lo scostumato e negletto volatile cugino in secondo grado del più celebre ed affermato Calimero, ma anch’ egli con piumaggio color catrame, becco innalzato, basso profilo e budget ridotto, e talmente abituato alle tirchie ristrettezze del suo usuale anfitrione (Capitan America) che si accontenta di avere in cambio della propria collaborazione solo di un pò di granaglie per lui e per il suo famelico pulcino rapace Redwing

contiene inoltre  IRON MAN 
che conclude in bruttezza la sua sciagurata e disastrosa capatina al festival Comicon di San Diego e poi pure l’ allupato quanto stralunato Jameson Junior nella pelliccia di  MAN WOLF / L’UOMO LUPO



condizioni ECCELLENTI (o anche EDICOLA e/o MAGAZZINO) = si intende un oggetto nuovo e perfetto oppure usato senza difetti e praticamente ancora come nuovo, tenendone per quest’ultimo caso in conto ovviamente la datazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 8,5 e 9,8 (non assegniamo punteggi superiori a 9,8 perchè trattasi di tipi ideali a ns avviso più teorici e scolastici che reali e concreti, ogni manufatto umano in natura ha una percentuale insita e congenita seppur infinitesimale di imperfezione)

condizioni OTTIME = oggetto nuovo (o talora anche usato ma maneggiato e conservato con molta cura) in cui non si riscontra alcun difetto rilevante e degno di nota, tutt’al più qualche minimo segno di lettura o di uso ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 7 e 8,5

condizioni BUONISSIME = oggetto usato (ed in taluni casi anche fondo di magazzino soggetto a piccole usure del tempo) con lievi imperfezioni e difetti poco vistosi, generalmente molto marginali ed appena percepibili ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 5,5 e 7

condizioni MOLTO BUONE = oggetto usato con imperfezioni vistose e difetti abbastanza spiccati, pur se non completamente invalidanti (generalmente specificati nel dettaglio alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto); corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 4 e 5,5

condizioni PIU’ CHE BUONE / MEDIOCRI = oggetto usato con imperfezioni e difetti evidenti, smaccati, madornali ed invalidanti, assolutamente non collezionabile tuttavia idoneo per la semplice lettura o documentazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale inferiore a 4

per eventuali ulteriori dettagli aggiuntivi e specifici si prega di fare sempre riferimento alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto

Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 30

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




After a patrol, Peter Parker is changing out of his Spider-Man
costume when he hears a scream from the streets below. Dutifully putting
his mask back on, Peter spots his neighbor, Glory Grant being attacked
by a group of men. 

Spider-Man gets between Glory and her attackers.
Worried about having another false murder accusation lobbed against him,
the wall-crawler pulls his punches on these thugs, even though they are
coming at him at full force. Dodging a bullet, Spider-Man knocks out
the attackers, with some assistance from Glory Grant. Now that Glory is
safe, she asks Spider-Man to do her a favor and carry her attackers up
to her apartment. The web-slinger complies to this strange request, and
when he asks why he learns that one of these thugs is her cousin, Ramon.   

As she starts telling him that this is a family affair that she must
deal with alone, Ramon suddenly wakes up and tries to attack them again.
Noticing the youth is in a trance, Spider-Man wraps him up in webbing
to stop him from hurting anyone. 

Suddenly, Ramon snaps out of it and
tells them what happened to him. He explains that he and his friends
went to a local nightclub where they were grabbed and drugged by some
goons. They were then taken into the back of the establishment where a
man in a gold suit sprayed them with something, and that was the last
thing he remembered. Glory heard about this golden man, and how there
were rumors about him wanting to wipe out African-Americans. Hearing
this, Spider-Man is furious and decides to deal with this mystery foe
and swings off.

With Spider-Man gone, Glory places a call to the office of Sam
Wilson in Harlem. 

Hoping it’s Captain America, Wilson instead learns
that it is from Glory Grant. After she tells Sam everything she knows,
Wilson changes into the Falcon and goes out to investigate this new

The two heroes descend on the nightclub, unaware of each other
until they both come crashing in through the main entrence. Their foe, a
golden garbed man named Midas, orders his men to kill them. 

Spider-Man webs up on half of the shooters, the Falcon tangles up the
rest in a massive show curtain. During the confusion, Midas escapes,
leaving the heroes to try and get answers from his minions. The Falcon
tells Spider-Man to let him talk to the thugs as he speaks their

Going outside, Spider-Man hears the sound of a ruckas inside
as the Falcon beats the location of their employer out of them. When the
Falcon emerges from the club, he tells Spider-Man that Midas is
actually Harrison Merriwell. This comes to a shock to Spider-Man, as
Merriwell is a well-known philanthropist.

The pair travel to Merriwell’s estate located in a suburb of
Connecticuit and decide the best way to announce their presence is to
come up and ring the doorbell. The butler is surprised to see two
costumed individuals standing on the door, and invites them in anyway. 

No sooner are they inside, Spider-Man and the Falcon are struck from
behind. When the pair awaken, they find themselvse shackled to the floor
of a walkin freezer. There they are then confronted by Midas who tells
them that he is leaving them to freeze to death, saying that they are as
insane as his brother. 

As Midas turns to leave, Spider-Man fires some
wedging the door, preventing it from closing all the way. As the
temperature starts to drop, Spider-Man’s webbing begins to expand,
causing it to force the door open. The noise draws down people who are
attending a party downstairs.

Upstairs, they accuse Harrison’s brother Malcolm of being Midas
and trying to murder them. Malcom denies this but when the two heroes
try to apprehend him, he fights back. 

Admitting that he did so to
prevent his brother from squandering their fortune on the unfortunate.
While trying to fight back, Malcolm is knocked out of a window when the
Falcon literally pulls the rug out from under him, sending him into the
river below the window. Harrison is not surprised that his brother was
doing this, and fears that he is somehow responsible because he didn’t
pay enough attention to his brother. The Falcon and Spider-Man tell him
that all Midas ever cared about was gold.


  • Colletta is credited as Vinnie Colletta.
  • As noted on page one, this team-up of Spider-Man and the
    Falcon is a direct result of fan requests from the fanzine F.O.O.M.
    (Friends of Ole Marvel). 
Iron Man Vol 1 72
“Convention of Fear!” / ACCORDO NELLA PAURA !  (2a parte)

Featured Characters:





Continued from last issue…

 Iron Man wins the ensuing melee, during which some comics are set
ablaze. As the Lama steals up behind Iron Man with a scimitar, the
Melter shoots him, wanting the honor of killing Iron Man for himself.
The Lama teleports away, the defeated Death Squad are arrested and Iron
Man is kicked out of the building as a convention crasher.

  • Credit for “story plot” is given to Barry Alfonso of San Diego, California.
Iron Man Vol 1 73
“Turnabout: A Most Foul Play!” / UN GIOCO PERICOLOSO

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Iron Man checks out the explosion at the Manila factory, finding the
cause in the boiler room. 

After rescuing some workers he leaves for
Vietnam, where Marty and Roxanne are held captive by Chief Kuon Set over
his niece Shara’s objections. 

Kuon’s ally, Crimson Dynamo, convinces
him to let Roxanne go, so she can lure Iron Man to them. When Iron Man
approaches, Crimson Dynamo launches heat seeking missiles. Iron Man
barely avoids them. The resulting explosion distracts the Hidden City
guards: Marty and Shara use the opportunity to escape. 

The two meet up
with Roxanne while Crimson Dynamo attacks Iron Man, foolishly using a
napalm spraying grenade launcher that sets the Hidden City on fire. As
Iron Man saves bystanders, Crimson Dynamo escapes. 

Fleeing, Kuon Set
falls into a tiger pit and dies. Marty decides to stay with Shara and
rebuild. Roxanne and Iron Man return home separately.


  • In this issue Tony Stark changes the name of “Stark Industries”
    to “Stark International”. In keeping with his previous vow, he will no
    longer produce war munitons. 

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • J. Jonah Jameson (flashback)
  • Kristine Saunders (flashback)
  • Simon Stroud

Other Characters:

  • Spider-Man ( cameo flashback)
  • Morbius [Michael Morbius] (cameo flashback)



The Man-Wolf survives the fall from the
Statue of Liberty and reverts back to John Jameson. After he goes to his
fathers’s office at Daily Bugle.

Continued to next issue…

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