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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.165 COLPO DA MAESTRO shang-chi maestro del kung fu devil


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la storia principale dell’ albo ( tratta da Spider-Man Giant Size # 2 ) è un lungo team up insieme a SHANG CHI maestro del kung-fu con i colpi proibiti delle sue mani mortali ed i piedi scalzi altrettanto letali, però per la puzza

contiene inoltre : l’ incredibile DEVIL



condizioni ECCELLENTI (o anche EDICOLA e/o MAGAZZINO) = si intende un oggetto nuovo e perfetto oppure usato senza difetti e praticamente ancora come nuovo, tenendone per quest’ultimo caso in conto ovviamente la datazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 8,5 e 9,8 (non assegniamo punteggi superiori a 9,8 perchè trattasi di tipi ideali a ns avviso più teorici e scolastici che reali e concreti, ogni manufatto umano in natura ha una percentuale insita e congenita seppur infinitesimale di imperfezione)

condizioni OTTIME = oggetto nuovo (o talora anche usato ma maneggiato e conservato con molta cura) in cui non si riscontra alcun difetto rilevante e degno di nota, tutt’al più qualche minimo segno di lettura o di uso ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 7 e 8,5

condizioni BUONISSIME = oggetto usato (ed in taluni casi anche fondo di magazzino soggetto a piccole usure del tempo) con lievi imperfezioni e difetti poco vistosi, generalmente molto marginali ed appena percepibili ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 5,5 e 7

condizioni MOLTO BUONE = oggetto usato con imperfezioni vistose e difetti abbastanza spiccati, pur se non completamente invalidanti (generalmente specificati nel dettaglio alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto); corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 4 e 5,5

condizioni PIU’ CHE BUONE / MEDIOCRI = oggetto usato con imperfezioni e difetti evidenti, smaccati, madornali ed invalidanti, assolutamente non collezionabile tuttavia idoneo per la semplice lettura o documentazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale inferiore a 4

per eventuali ulteriori dettagli aggiuntivi e specifici si prega di fare sempre riferimento alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Lu Chang (dies)




Spider-Man happens upon a robbery of the Guggenheim Museum, and when trying to stop the thieves, he finds that they are more than the run of the mill crooks when it turns out that they are experienced in martial arts. During the fight, one of the men tells Spider-Man that their employer is Shang-Chi before they are all killed by some sort of termination device, but not before he learns that the next target is the power plant at the 59th Street Bridge. In reality, these men are hired by Shang-Chi’s father, Fu Manchu, who hopes that Spider-Man will go after his foe.
To further this end, Manchu sends men dressed in Spider-Man outfits, purporting to be hired by Spider-Man to attack an old man, prompting them in a battle with Shang-Chi.Taking the wounded old man back to Blackjack and Nayland Smith, they all hear how Fu Manchu has apparently hired Spider-Man to destroy the power plant on 59th Street Bridge. Naturally enough, both heroes arrive on the scene and get into a fight between each other due to the misdirections of Fu Manchu. After a length (and nearly equally matched) battle, Shang Chi and Spider-Man soon realize that something doesn’t add up and decide to call a truce and see who is really behind pitting them against each other.

The two heroes learn of Fu Manchu’s true plot: To install a mind control device on the radio tower at the top of the Empire State Building that is being replaced following a recent battle between Daredevil and the Mandrill. Spider-Man, and Shang-Chi arrive to stop Fu Manchu and his henchmen from completing this task. With the help of Blackjack Tarr and Nayland Smith, they manage to defeat Manchu’s forces, however Fu Manchu himself manages to escape. After the battle, Spider-Man and the others congratulate each other on a job well done, but it’s cut short when Spider-Man has to depart when he hears police sirens.

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Daredevil is excited at the prospect of the Black Widow coming to New York for the New Year, finally having settled her debts in San Francisco since their last encounter four months prior. Taking the subway, Daredevil soon arrives at the District Attorney’s office and changes into his civilian guise of Matt Murdock. There he finds that Foggy’s sister Candace is leaving to be the star witness in a Senate subcommittee looking into the Sallis papers and is leaving that day. Matt is then told by Foggy that he got a call from Pop Fenton, the owner of Fogwell’s Gym.

There he meets with Fenton and learns that he is not training fighters professionally and has been given a grant to re-open the gym as a neighborhood sports center to provide exercise and training to young children in the hopes of dealing with youth crime and violence. He also learns that “Kid” Gawaine has given up boxing and become a priest after he was saved by Daredevil. They explain that they need the help of a lawyer, and explain to them that a young man that has started coming to the gym named Juan Aponte. They explain that the small boxer wants to fight in heavyweight matches and has sought out othe help of Dr. Jakkelburr. Jakkelburr, they explain was the coroner who performed the autopsy on one time Iron Man villain the Crusher and learned a means of duplicating the process. In recreating the treatment in Juan, it begun to work however a side effect has effected Juan’s temperament explosively. They have since refused to let him fight until a legitimate doctor has had a chance to look at him.

As Matt is explaining the possibility of getting a restraining order they are attacked by Juan with Jakkelburr and some thugs in tow. Murdock is tossed into the locker room while they force the others to allow Juan to fight in tonight’s heavyweight match. Left alone, Matt changes into Daredevil and arrives just as Juan has mutated into a gigantic creature similar in appearance to the original Crusher.

As the new Crusher goes into a rampage, Daredevil tries his best to fight him off, however his strength proves to be too strong. However, when the fight causes a wall to crumble down and potentially crush Pop and Father Gawaine to death, the Crusher shields them from the rock fall. After Daredevil finishes rounding up Jakkelburr and his men, he checks on Juan, who has reverted back to his human form. Juan apologizes for his rampage, telling them that he wanted to be a heavyweight champ, not some punk kid and dies in Pop’s arms.


  • First mention of Daredevil’s Catholic faith.

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