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L' UOMO RAGNO corno N.123 DUE MONDI DA CONQUISTARE! 1975 cat la donna gatto thor


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Stavolta tocca al mitico THOR scendere dal pero dei divini asi di Asgard per far comunella con il mortale ed insignificante ragno antropomorfo (o umano aracnoideo) SPIDERMAN nella storia principale di questo numero

contiene inoltre : LA DONNA GATTO (The Cat)


Marvel Team-Up # 7


Featured Characters:


Other Characters:




Walking through an alleyway, Peter Parker hears a woman being mugged,
however when he rushes to her aid and saves her, she flees the scene,
not wanting to get involved. Peter is suddenly aware that he is being
watched by Thor. When they both notice that the color of the sky is
inverting, Thor puts a protective barrier around them protecting them
from the change, and Peter changes into Spider-Man.

They soon find themselves attacked by Kryllk the Cruel, who is
plotting to use the Crystal of Darkness to take over Earth and Asgard.
Their initial battle ends in failure as Kryllk and his men manage to
escape. Tracking them to Asgard and beyond, Thor dispatches Spider-Man
there (As Thor himself is in exile) to try and find Kryllk and his men.

Thor manages to track them down to a location just outside of
Asgard, and as a battle rages, the Watcher appears just as Spidey and
Thor defeated Kryllk to reclaim the Crystal of Darkness, which had been
stolen from him.

The Cat Vol 1 2.jpg

The Owl and the Pussycat” / IL GUFO E LA GATTINA !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Shirlee Bryant (Only in flashback)
  • Dr. Joanne Tumulo (Appears in flashback and main story)


  • Owl
  • Mr. Broussard
  • Mal Donalbain (Only in flashback)
  • Zabo (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

  • Ben Richards (attorney)



we last saw the Cat, she was fleeing Malcolm Donalbain’s burning
building. Later that same night, we found her puzzling over some strange
sensations that had led her to the roof of a hospital. She’d been
certain her mentor, Dr. Joanne Tumulo, had died, but she seemed to hear
the professor’s voice in her head. Climbing down a wall, she clung
outside the doctor’s window and was relieved to overhear a doctor state
that she would recover. The woman in the Cat uniform, Greer Nelson, went
home to rest until the next day.

In an extended flashback,
Greer recalled how she and Shirlee Bryant had participated in an
experimental conditioning program designed by Dr. Tumulo and funded by
Shirlee’s patron, Mal Donalbain. The doctor discovered Donalbain was
going to use her discoveries to create an army of enhanced women who
would use his chain of health spas as a front to take over the nation.
Dressed in a yellow-and-blue Cat uniform, Shirlee was to be their
prototype. Dr. Tumulo was horrified to see Shirlee follow Donalbain’s
orders, without regard to her own safety, and fall to her death while
demonstrating her new acrobatic abilities. She fled, taking one of the
uniforms as evidence for the police. Donalbain ordered his henchmen to
set off an explosion at her lab to destroy the evidence and get rid of
her interference. Greer had taken the Cat uniform and used it to stop
Donalbain and avenge her mentor. She was relieved that Dr. Tumulo needed
her now, not the Cat.

The next morning, Greer drove to the
hospital. There, she met Dr. Tumulo’s attorney, Ben Richards, and Arthur
Tumulo. While Tumulo excused himself, the attorney told Greer he’d
never heard the doctor mention a nephew. In fact, she’d named Greer as
her sole beneficiary in her will. While they were speaking, someone
hijacked an ambulance and abducted Dr. Tumulo. Greer jumped in her
convertible and followed them, but lost them in the warehouse district.
Inside one of the buildings one of the kidnappers asked the man who had
posed as Arthur Tumulo, calling him Mr. Broussard, what they should do
about their pursuer? He ordered them to bring Greer along. At gunpoint,
they brought her into an elevator and took her and the doctor to the
next floor. There they met one of Daredevil’s rogues gallery, the Owl.
When the Owl berated Brousard, the henchman reminded him he’d gotten the
others for him, and Tumulo was ready for the transfer. Greer demanded
to know what was going on. The Owl responded by explaining he was
gathering the wisdom of businessmen, artists, and scientists on tape for
his own use. Dr. Tumulo’s mind was about to join the others. One of the
Owl’s henchmen escorted Greer out. He knocked her unconscious, then
locked her in a closet.

When Greer awoke, she put on the Cat
uniform (which she’d luckily brought along in her purse). She used her
super sensitivity to pick the lock and escape. She located the doctor
being wheeled back onto the elevator, knocked out the goon with her, and
took her back to the ambulance. As the Cat attempted to drive away, the
Owl and his henchmen emerged from the building to stop her. She pulled a
fire alarm manual station to bring help, then battled the villains.
When the fire engine arrived, with a police car in support, the Owl
retreated to his building. He found Broussard attempting to feed the
contents of the tapes into his own brain. The attempt to download all
the information at once overloaded Broussard’s mind, leaving him
comatose. The Owl fled to his rooftop heliport, but the Cat was waiting
for him there. He escaped by leaping over the edge. The Cat was
surprised to see him fly away, leaving her to deal with Dr. Tumulo and
the police.

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 27

The Talking Horse” / IL CAVALLO PARLANTE
Stan Lee
Larry Lieber (script) ?

Featured Characters:

  • Barney Sloan
  • “Big” Mike Jordan

Other Characters:

  • Silverstreak


  • Racetrack


The horse Silverstreak convinces the abusive
jockey Barney to bet on them winning the next race. When they lose,
Barney is caught trying to beat the horse and kicked out of racing,
before being beaten up by his bookie.

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