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Non avendo attualmente nemici che considera alla propria altezza ora che il Teschio Rosso è squalificato e l’ Hydra è chiusa per ferie, il Capitano a stelle e strisce in preda alla disperazione e ad atroci complessi di inferiorità nei confronti dell’ altro illustre eroe e difensore nazionale Clint Eastwood si prende momentaneamente in affitto dall’ Uomo Ragno uno dei villains più inefficaci , implausibili ed inattendibili dell’ intero universo Marvel : il sempre più avvilente che avvelenato MacGargan alias lo Scorpione che avevamo avuto la s-fortuna ed il dis/piacere di vedere per l’ultima volta su Amazing Spider-Man # 29 (storia pubblicata per la prima volta in Italia su L’ Uomo Ragno Corno n.23)

contiene inoltre :  X-MEN



Captain America Vol 1 122

The Sting of the Scorpion!” / IL PUNGIGLIONE DELLO SCORPIONE !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Captain America is once more brooding over his lot in life, wondering if he is doomed to live as a symbol of the American dream as Captain America, or if he can find a normal life as Steve Rogers. Looking at the world he lives in today he also wonders how he can live in such a vastly different time as a symbol when most people would protest against the government. That people only find it hip to bring down the establishment instead of supporting it. Captain America cannot bring himself to be like them, he maintains to be part of the establishment, but does not see that the rebel set is wrong. However, despite the strange times he lives in, he is determined to defend the democracy and the flag he represents within the letter of the law as he has since he first became Captain America.

Returning to his hotel room he continues to consider that the “establishment” itself was not bad as it brought great people who did great things, like Martin Luther King, and the Kennedy brothers. He comes to the conclusion that above all else, men should learn to love each other. However, thoughts of love gets Steve thinking about Sharon Carter again, and how she cannot settle into a relationship with him while she is in her career as a SHIELD spy. Like a true man of his era, he does not understand why she won’t let him protect her.

Going into a fitful sleep, Steve dreams about Sharon being in constant danger and it ends with Sharon being shot by AIM agents, waking him shouting her name. This dream would prove to be prophetic, as at that moment a spy ring is in the middle of yet another operation and their spies have been able to determine that SHIELD and particularly Agent 13, Sharon Carter, is preparing to deal with their operation. The leader, Specs, knows that in order to handle the situation, their best option is to eliminate Sharon, and he has hired a specialist to do the job for them.

Unable to sleep, Captain America decides to go out and get some air and checks out of the hotel. Outside, the Scorpion is out after months of hiding and decides to test out his powers before going on his appointed mission. As fate would have it, he would clash with Steve Rogers. Caught off guard, Steve injures his hand and is felled by the villain. The Scorpion is about to steal his briefcase (unaware that it contains Captain America’s shield and costume) when the police begin to arrive, sending the him fleeing into the night.

Getting back to his feet, Steve decides to tackle the Scorpion as Captain America, rushes back to the hotel, checks back into his old room and changes into his costume. Captain America tracks the Scorpion down to Chinatown and sees him get into a car. Hopping into a cab, Captain America orders the driver to follow after it. Up ahead, the Scorpion uses the vehicles monitoring devices to track Sharon Carter and he watches her as she is about to sneak onto a property owned by the spy ring. However, when he goes out to prepare to attack her, he instead is jumped by Captain America. While the Star-Spangled Avenger is busy battling the Scorpion, Sharon sneaks into the compound and is quickly captured by the spy ring. They have her tied up and put in the cellar while they decide what to do with her.

Once he has defeated the Scorpion, Captain America smashes his way in and easily defeats the spy ring, unaware that Sharon is in the building. As SHIELD agents come to clean the place up, Sharon manages to use the sharp edge of a barrel to cut off the gag around to her mouth. She calls out to Captain America to come back, but he has already left. Being driven away from the scene, the cabbie asks

Part of the ‘Factor Three (Event)‘ event
X-Men Vol 1 37

We, the Jury…” / NOI, SIAMO I GIUDICI…

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unknown airplane passengers
  • The Juggernaut (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)





Reviewing the X-Men’s previous battle against the Juggernaut, the Changling, commander of the Factor Three conspiracy, dispatches another one of his minions in a saucer in order to deal with the X-Men, who are even now approaching their base aboard an airplane bound for Central Europe.

The X-Men are discussing their plans to deal with Factor Three when suddenly the commercial airplane they are traveling in is attacked by the saucer. Knowing its Factor Three and not wanting the other passengers to be harmed, the X-Men reclaim their luggage and jump out of the planes emergency hatch. Cyclops manages to destroy the saucer with a well timed optic blast. Without parachutes, the X-Men are rapidly plummeting to the ground below, and to make matters worse Scott’s ruby quartz visor is blown off his face. However, with some fast thinking, Warren’s wings, and Bobby’s ice powers, the X-Men manage to land safely on the ground without any injury.

Safe on the ground, the X-Men change into their costumes and are soon attacked by a small army of Factor Three’s spider-robots. After destroying one, they are outnumbered and flee from them and two of Factor Three’s troops. Rounding a cliff side, the group walks into a cloud of knock out gas and is rendered unconscious. When they revive, they find themselves prisoners before Changeling and Factor Three’s mastermind, the Mutant Master. Viewing the spectacle from a remote location are four of the X-Men’s greatest foes, the Vanisher, Unus the Untouchable, the Blob, and Mastermind.

Showing the X-Men that both the Professor and their ally the Banshee are their prisoners, the members of Factor Three put on a mock trial against the X-Men. One by one, each of the four X-Men foes “testify” against the X-Men, telling a story of each of their defeats at the X-Men’s hands, finding them “guilty” of betraying Homo Superior. With their “verdicts” read, Changeling sentences them to death. Before they are destroyed though, Mutant Master explains to them that he intends to trigger World War III. To cause this, Mutant Master would first set off a bomb at a top level meeting of Russian officials, while at the same time gassing high ranking US military officials with a paralytic gas. This in turn would hopefully cause both nations to blame the other and trigger a nuclear war. While Factor Three would remain safe, they would wait until the world finished annihilating itself and then take over the world and rule over the survivors.

The X-Men are then left hooked up to an oblivio-ray, which will ultimately wipe out the X-Men’s minds leaving them mindless husks that will carry on a living death. This trap fails to stop the X-Men, who short out the machine when Jean uses her telekinetic powers to raise ice created by Iceman over the machine and waiting for it to melt.

Freed, the X-Men head toward the control room where they are stopped by a robot, which they easily destroy and continue on to the Mutant Master’s control room to find it empty. Then appearing before them on a view screen, Mutant Master reveals that even though the X-Men have managed to break free from their fate, they are too late to stop Factor Three from beginning their plan. 

  • credits:
    • Special Location: Changeling’s Computer
    • Stan Lee Presents a Roy Thomas-Ross Andru Apex of Atomic-Age Accomplishments!
    • Delineated by: Don Heck!
    • Lettered by: Artie Simek!
    • Jury-Stacking by: Honest Irv!

  • The first page battle between Juggernaut and the X-Men on the video screen is from X-Men #13 (in Italy in CAPC #15). Although there are 2 errors, 1 being that the X-Men are wearing their red uniforms, instead of the yellow, and the red uniforms weren’t shown until about a year ago. Another error is that if the images came from the Professors’ memories, then the Changeling shouldn’t have been able to see that angle, unless he was following telepathically, but he should have been too busy gaining his mental strength at that time.
Strange Tales Vol 1 109
Earth is Off Limits” / LA TERRA E’ PROIBITA !

Featured Characters:

  • Space Exploration Group
  • Earth control
  • Death (Vision)


  • Earth
  • Exoplanet


Space explorers discover life on a far off planet, but mission
control panics at the thought of alien germs loose on Earth and so
forbids on pain of death that the crew of the rocket ship return. The
crew asks for chance to explain, but mission control breaks the
communication as they cannot bear to listen to their pleas. What the
space explorers were trying to say before their communication line was
broken was that the life on the planet grants disease immunity and long
life span.

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