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CAPITAN AMERICA corno N.22 CAP E' IMPAZZITO x-men agents of shield s.h.i.e.l.d.


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Stavolta i dannati comunisti cinesi capeggiati da quella gattamorta di Mao la fanno davvero grossa : non contenti di falsificare rolex, rayban e borsette di chanel e louis vuitton, mettono addirittura in circolazione nel mercato dei supereroi un Cap taroccato e farlocco !

contiene inoltre :  X-MEN



condizioni ECCELLENTI (o anche EDICOLA e/o MAGAZZINO) = si intende un oggetto nuovo e perfetto oppure usato senza difetti e praticamente ancora come nuovo, tenendone per quest’ultimo caso in conto ovviamente la datazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 8,5 e 9,8 (non assegniamo punteggi superiori a 9,8 perchè trattasi di tipi ideali a ns avviso più teorici e scolastici che reali e concreti, ogni manufatto umano in natura ha una percentuale insita e congenita seppur infinitesimale di imperfezione)

condizioni OTTIME = oggetto nuovo (o talora anche usato ma maneggiato e conservato con molta cura) in cui non si riscontra alcun difetto rilevante e degno di nota, tutt’al più qualche minimo segno di lettura o di uso ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 7 e 8,5

condizioni BUONISSIME = oggetto usato (ed in taluni casi anche fondo di magazzino soggetto a piccole usure del tempo) con lievi imperfezioni e difetti poco vistosi, generalmente molto marginali ed appena percepibili ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 5,5 e 7

condizioni MOLTO BUONE = oggetto usato con imperfezioni vistose e difetti abbastanza spiccati, pur se non completamente invalidanti (generalmente specificati nel dettaglio alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto); corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale compreso tra 4 e 5,5

condizioni PIU’ CHE BUONE / MEDIOCRI = oggetto usato con imperfezioni e difetti evidenti, smaccati, madornali ed invalidanti, assolutamente non collezionabile tuttavia idoneo per la semplice lettura o documentazione ; corrisponde a un range di grading internazionale inferiore a 4

per eventuali ulteriori dettagli aggiuntivi e specifici si prega di fare sempre riferimento alla voce CONDIZIONI nella parte inferiore della descrizione di ogni singolo oggetto

Cap Goes Wild!” / CAP E’ IMPAZZITO !

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cyril Lucas (Only appearance; dies)
  • Willie Lucas (Only appearance; dies)
  • Spies
  • Steve Rogers LMD

Other Characters:




SHIELD HQ is attacked by a number of costumed Asian spies who have stolen the plans for the latest prototype model of the Life Model Decoy for what they call Operation: Replica. Captain America springs into action to try and stop them, however despite his best efforts, the spies manage to escape with the plans. 

Captain America is picked up by a SHIELD agent who drives him back to the hotel where he is currently staying in his civilian guise of Steve Rogers. 

There, Cap changes out of his uniform and is shown some startling footage: Infinity Productions, a film company out in Hollywood is working on a Captain America film and they have put together a shocking scene where Cap shoots an unarmed and surrendering soldier. Appalled at this misrepresentation of his character, Captain America agrees to go to Hollywood to try and straighten things out, as the film would project a poor image of Cap.

Meanwhile, in China, Chairman Mao personally oversees the fruition of Operation: Replica. Using the stolen plans from SHIELD they have built a machine that will allow them to create their own Life Model Decoys. 

Their first attempt, and part of their plot is in creating a replica of Captain America, with an LMD double of the Star-Spangled Avenger that is faster and stronger than the genuine article. 

They intend the replica to ruin Captain America’s good name. With the LMD completed they place it in a shipping container and mail it out of the country.

Its destination: Infinity Studios in Hollywood, where owner Cyril Lucas has sold out his country to the Communists so that he has money to get much needed surgery for his brother and also fund his latest science fiction epic. When Cyril’s brother Willie learns about what his brother has done, he is horrified and doesn’t think betraying his country is worth getting the surgery he needs to survive. 

He begs his brother to call off the deal, however when his contacts get in touch with him he agrees to follow through with the plan, and soon the crate containing the LMD of Captain America is delivered to them.

When Captain America arrives on the set of Infinity Studios sometime later, he is attacked by the Captain America LMD. 

He is easily overpowered at first and when it looks like he is about to lose, a guilt stricken Willie tries to go to his aid. The LMD easily batters Willie aside much to his brother’s horror, however it gives Captain America a chance to fight back. 

As the battle rages on, suddenly the LMD begins to glow and quickly flees the scene. He doesn’t get very far, as after mashing through the studio wall he collapses. Cap is visited by a SHIELD agent that was watching the battle and points out that there was some flaw in the new LMD prototypes, insuring that the Communists won’t use it again due to its flawed nature. 

With the battle over the two men go looking for Cyril and Willie to arrest them for treason.

However, justice would be served in a different, more tragic way: Cyril would find the body of his brother, killed from the impact when the Captain America LMD threw him aside. Lamenting the death of his brother, he realizes that betraying his country was not worth the price he has paid. Just then a door opens, and a gun points toward him, issuing him the price he must pay for failure: Death! 

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Philbert (First appearance) (bank manager)
  • Mabel (First appearance) & Herman (First appearance) (New York citizens)




  • Mr. Philbert’s limousine
  • X-Jet (First appearance)


Wearing X-Men costumes, Blob and Unus the Untouchable are holding up a bank so that the X-Men would be implicated for the crime. The security guard, nor the bank security prove any match for the untouchable and unmovable duo, who succeed in robbing the bank, fighting off the arriving police and escaping the scene on foot.

While at the X-Men’s mansion, Scott, afraid of his uncontrollable optic blast and the fact that he cannot bring himself to tell Jean his true feelings for her decides that he must leave the X-Men. Without telling anyone, Scott packs a bag and leaves the mansion on foot. Warren, Jean, Bobby and Hank on the other hand are relaxing in the study when a news report about the Blob and Unus’ bank robbery comes on the air. With the X-Men implicated in the robbery, the team rushes down to the Professor’s study where Charles has just finished building a new Cerebro machine. The machine then reveals the identity of the two “X-Men” that robbed the bank, and Hank recognizes them as Blob and Unus. The Professor senses a third adversary involved in this crime and attempts to use his mental powers to learn who that is, but finds that some force prevents him. To make matters worse, Bobby enters the room after failing to find Scott and hands over a note written by Summers explaining to the Professor that he left the team. Unable to devote the time to finding Scott, the Professor sends out the other X-Men to get ready to face their enemies.

Far away, the X-Men’s unknown foe is none other than the alien being that was responsible for crippling Professor Xavier: The evil Lucifer. With his plan in motion, the evil alien muses over how he manipulated Blob and Mimic from afar to set in motion the chain of events in his latest plan to take over the world. Some time ago, his scanners detected the meeting of Blob and Unus. At a carnival, the two men would challenge each other to see who would win: The untouchable man, or the unmovable Blob? The match would end in a stalemate when the two men found that their powers were evenly matched, and after the bout they would be manipulated from afar by Lucifer’s machines to team up and work together as crooks, robbing whatever they wanted.

As Lucifer continues his plot, Scott happens by the Blob and Unus as they are robbing an armored car. Realizing that the two evil Mutant’s actions would reflect negatively on the X-Men, he would change into his Cyclops costume and confront his two foes. However, instead of being able to stop Blob and Unus and expose their frame up, Cyclops only succeeds in enraging the crowd of people into a mob. In a fit of anti-mutant hysteria the crowd chases Cyclops away, rationalizing that he is the most dangerous of the three mutants, forcing the hero to flee the scene.

Watching the scene Lucifer is angry that their activities only netted one X-Man to come out of hiding. However, he becomes satisfied when he spots the other members of the team arriving on the scene (minus Marvel Girl who remained with the Professor). Beast arrives first and uses the device he previously used to deactivate Unus’ powers, however Unus has since become immune to the rays effects thanks to the secret machinations of Lucifer. The X-Men try their best to fight off the two evil Mutants, however the crowd and police impede the teams efforts as they fail to realize that the X-Men are fighting against the impostors and think that they are all in league together, much to the joy of Lucifer. However, the battle takes a pitch in the opposite direction when Cyclops returns to the scene and knocks the two foes off their feet when he blasts the ground out for under them. Unfortunately, this causes the two to fall down into the subway tunnel below where a subway train just happens to be passing by. With an angry mob chasing them, the X-Men welcome Cyclops back into the fold and seek a hiding place until the mob subsides.

Back at Lucifer’s base, the alien mastermind is alerted that the Professor is breaking through the mental screens he put into place to prevent Xavier from learning of his involvement in the battle. Prepared for this contingency, Lucifer has prepared a gigantic weapon that fires a powerful disruption beam that attacks the Professor’s mind putting him in a coma like state. Still conscious, but rendered inert and his powers weakened, the Professor telepathically orders Marvel Girl to get his mental-wave amplifier to boost his powers. In doing so, the Professor learns that the mastermind behind this attack against the X-Men is Lucifer.

Professor X then tells Jean the story of how he first encountered Lucifer: Years ago, while traveling through Tibet, the Professor became interested in a city that was walled off and decided to investigate. When he is barred from entry, he coaxes the guards into letting him in with his mental powers. His presence in the town would attract the attention of it’s ruler: Lucifer who would begin monitoring the strange visitor. The Professor would learn that he people in the town live in fear of it’s ruler, and with his mental probes would learn that Lucifer’s castle has a cache of weaponry and machines from another world within. The Professor would organize a group of villagers and try to convince them to follow him in a revolt against Lucifer. They would remain unconvinced until Lucifer attempts to kill them. With an army at his command, the Professor would storm Lucifer’s castle and destroy much of the machinery inside. Lucifer is then contacted by his leader, and is told to abandon this base and go to another sector that is key to their invasion plans of the Earth. Fleeing the scene, the alien would cross paths with the Professor. Xavier would attempt to stop Lucifer from escaping, however the alien mastermind would drop activate a trap: a stone block which would fall on Charles, crushing his leg and confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Lucifer would escape, and in ending his story, the Professor explains that part of his reasons for forming the X-Men was for the purposes of dealing with the threat of Lucifer should it appear again.

Back at his secret hideout, Lucifer muses how his devices have been able to sway the behaviors of an entire town, and that soon he will build a device which will effect the entire world and put the entire human race under his control. With his plans almost coming to fruition, Lucifer calls his masters and request that they send Dominus, who is part of the final phase of their conquest of the Earth.

With the hysterical mob now gone, the X-Men leave their hiding place and return to the X-Mansion where they learn of the Professor’s situation and Lucifer’s involvement in the days events. In order to face Lucifer with their leader by their side, Beast creates a mental-distorter which would protect the Professor from the effects of Lucifer’s weapon. With the Professor restored to normal, the team would load up supplies in their jet and fly off to the location of Lucifer’s base to stop his planned conquest of the Earth, unaware of the danger which faces them there. 

Featured Characters:

  • Mr. Stanley
  • Jukes


A scientist creates a time machine just to prove that it can be done, but never plans to use it, since he knows that it would be too dangerous to attempt to alter the past. His assistant, however, is envious of the fame such a journey would bring and so clouts the scientist on the jaw and takes off in the machine, only to find himself stuck in the past rendered insubstantial by fate like a ghost unable to affect anything.


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